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This blog is a portal for topics in spirituality, human existence and life awareness. I am involved in sharing, learning and growing with others; who are embracing a level of human consciousness that is attuned with life consciousness.

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Videos: Spiritual Teachers

The videos are a collection of well-known spiritual teachers. A few of the topics discussed are: consciousness, conditioning (behavior, thoughts, ego and emotions), local (life-form) energy, self-awareness, universal energy and beliefs.

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Inspirational Quotes

This is a page dedicated to sharing insights and inspirations from individuals who have contributed to the expansion of conscious energy awareness. The page purposely has no structure. It is a sparkling mountain spring of ideas and insights.

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Recent Posts

Forever: It is not a Dream!

I recently had an experience that I wish to share with you. This was a moment that could be described as pure conscious realization. I gazed toward the horizon as I stood in the middle of a forest. I was, however, actually standing on the edge of forever. This is, at least, the sensation that overwhelmed me as I sensed everything and nothing within that instance. It became very clear that I was observing the unfolding of that moment in Read more about Forever: It is not a Dream![…]

Changes: You Change and the Universe Changes

This word, as far as words are concerned, may be as significant to conscious awakening as the word “now”. Changes are occurring continually throughout the universe. This is perhaps the one true constant in life. Changes can be defined as transformations or conversions. This can occur in variations, to numerous to count. A beneficial key to experiencing balance between, mind, object and universal consciousness lies in our ability to be aware of changes and what is really happening. This does Read more about Changes: You Change and the Universe Changes[…]

Mortality: Will you Live Forever?

This one eternal moment appears to structure a framework of hours, days, months and years. This is, however, an illusion. We can only experience joy now and it is something that can not truly be given or taken, either it is or it isn’t. You decide. Mortality invokes fear because we seek immortality through the concept of time, matter and space. The mind conjures up many scenarios whereby each depicting a story of fantasy, drama and mystery relating to mortality. Read more about Mortality: Will you Live Forever?[…]

Hopscotch: Be Enlightened or Not

I have reflected on the game hopscotch over the last few weeks. This game has fascinated me regarding similarities to human beings seeking emancipation from the confines of our existence through behavior and rituals. The game in itself seems to parallel our desire to reach salvation, furthermore it also reflects misconceptions about reaching enlightenment, at least when considered from a philosophical viewpoint. The game is considered to have originated without any reference to religion or belief structures. However it was Read more about Hopscotch: Be Enlightened or Not[…]

Crawling Anxieties: Why am I Afraid?

You become tense and fearful. Suddenly thoughts and emotions appear regarding something that has happened, could happen, or will happen. However the feeling of fear that you are experiencing is mostly an illusion. This results from the mind and its conditioned reactions to the vast array of memories and thought patterns. What has happened to you? A moment ago everything was wonderful. Somehow the crawling anxieties of the mind are overwhelming your state of conscious living. It feels similar to Read more about Crawling Anxieties: Why am I Afraid?[…]

Living and Truly Being Alive

It would be proper to start this article with a quote that offers much more about living then the words that are written. “People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” ~ Abraham Lincoln If it is possible for you then please do your best to always understand that in every moment of life everything is happening as it should be happening. We are living but often we are not aware of being alive. Read more about Living and Truly Being Alive[…]

Energy of Life: How do we use it?

We refer to human beings as compassionate and altruistic but what lies beyond these traits. There is something else in the background of our existence. We feel, however faint, the influence of life energy in its purist nature. This is a conscious energy field without the need for interpretation or definition. We can contemplatively consider that everything has the purity of conscious nature within it. Everything “is” and then somehow it becomes scrutinized by mind behavior. We judge, interpret and Read more about Energy of Life: How do we use it?[…]

Honorable Intentions Offer Noble Living

It is not always easy to be honorable in a world that seems so unfair. We encounter situations that often initiate memories, conditioned behavior and fear. We usually become lost and confused in a dense fog consisting of thoughts and emotions. The problem is that many times we do not realize how a given situation is affecting us, nonetheless why. The steady pulsating energy of life consciousness however can still be sensed in the background of our activities. The mind Read more about Honorable Intentions Offer Noble Living[…]

Impermanence: I am whatever will be!

Doris Day shared useful insight in her famous song “Que Sera, Sera Whatever Will Be Will Be”. She probably did not intend for the song text to be oriented on acceptance of the now; spiritually speaking. However the philosophical ramifications are very evident when we listen to the song. Whatever will be in our state of being indicates awareness to the space of impermanence. Impermanence (anicca) is the first of three Buddhism characteristics of existence and being. Dissatisfaction or suffering Read more about Impermanence: I am whatever will be![…]

Spirit of Life: A Flowing Stream

We have truly forgotten what is needed to open the door to our true nature as spirit. This could imply that we have become relatively non-active in all aspects of the spirit; we have lost the ability to feel the spirit. We have disassociated from it. It has become very difficult to enjoy the gifts provided by the universal consciousness. It is quite simple to say that we are spirit. Saying it is quite simple; being aware of it proves Read more about Spirit of Life: A Flowing Stream[…]

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We desire simplicity in our existence;
but how do we reach it in a world that thrives on complexity?

The moment has come to awaken and change how we see ourselves; thus we change the universe.

The word “life” seems so overwhelming when interpreted by human beings. “Life” essence is the exact opposite. Life exists without a reason or definition. It also flourishes without interpretation and judging. A non-judgmental existence or “state of being” is possible, even for human beings. Is it possible to once again experience life on this one to one basis with the source?

The answer is yes.

We no longer know how to do the one thing that should be the most natural and simplest. We have forgotten how to just be.

It may not be possible for us to find solace and true gratification unless we see life for what it truly is, and not the illusions which have been generated over millenniums of human history. These human factors and attributes appear so significant when viewed from a man-made existence. The truth is, they represent no actual significance over what life can give us in each moment.

This is the inborn knowledge that we all feel, however faint. This is something that humankind knows but either did not or could not accept...until NOW

  • We seek eternity through science, religion and philosophy. This moment can not be truly defined. It is now. Knowing this deeply is to know eternity.

  • The brain processes information. That is what it does. It is the real you (the self) that decides what to do with the activities of the mind. It is possible to practice going beyond the mind. This is where there is space to experience life as it is. Life is life, there is no good or bad, right or wrong.

  • Any life-form that evolves beyond a given mental and conscious level can achieve a deeper synchronicity with and ultimately universal consciousness. However this can only occur when the given life-form is aware and willing.

  • Awakening simply involves awareness of the moment. This will eventually allow the human form consciousness and universal life consciousness to reunite harmoniously.
    We can now understand that the development of this world and the universe has always been dependent on what we think, what we wish and what we decide.


Simplicity of life

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Steve is the author of “’Simplicity of Life” and “One Moment in Life”. His books, blog website and teachings are dedicated to spirituality, human existence and life awareness.

One Moment in Life

One Moment in Life available on Amazon.
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