A smile offers a gateway to understanding and sharing.

A Smile

A smile may sometimes take awhile.

There are even days when a smile just will not shine.

Why smile, you say, on such a day…why should I care?

The expression on your face is straight.


It is true that, at times, a smile seems out of place.

Your mind tells you not to bother, forget the smile.

This happens often when you listen to your head.

These thoughts overshadow the moment.

Then you are filled with dread.

This should not be, but alas, often we do not see.

Moth: The Flame is so Inviting!

This discussion pertains to an area of human behavior that is comparable to a moth. The moth is known for flying repeatedly toward a light or campfire in a kamikaze manner. Why do they do this? Scientists theorize that this is due to a behavior called transverse orientation.  This is common in some insects and involves flying at a constant angle relative to a distant light source. Thus the moth experiences problems around lights and campfires.

Now let’s look at this from a human standpoint in regards to the search for spiritual enlightenment. Enlightenment is known as the “full comprehension of a situation” according to Wikipedia. We have a built-in navigation system that constantly points to true north. We can call this our “transverse orientation”, such as with a moth. […]

Potluck: Objects in Consciousness! Who am I?

Have you ever been invited to a potluck event or dinner? Some people are perhaps familiar with the term “Potluck Stew”. The word “potluck” originates from the 16th century in a written work from Thomas Nashe. It was used to describe “Food provided for an unexpected guest, the luck of pot.” Can you visualize the universe as a dimension of potluck? The principle of life and consciousness is similar to a stew pot with many various objects swimming in it.

Everything in the universe plays a part in how each object develops and how the universe itself will develop. Sometimes this is from a very rudimentary level of object consciousness but can also be from an advanced level of consciousness; such as in self-aware life-forms. However, whether a life-form has a higher level of self-consciousness or not does not actually determine its influence on universal consciousness. […]

Separation: Why do we feel so Alone?

Evolution in terms of society and technology has contributed greatly to our separation from the source. Somehow, humankind has grown deaf to the voice of the one truth. This separation is ongoing. Over the last few thousand years, humans have almost completely separated themselves from the oneness of life.  We have been taught, and through countless trials and conflicts of a personal and global nature, we believe, that there is something greater “out there” waiting for us. Although we have been assured that salvation is possible. We have also been taught that this salvation comes with a price tag.


“Our species has developed into a conforming unit that believes the path to salvation or enlightenment will always be difficult and involve many sacrifices.”

Where and when did this misconception begin?  We can generally say that almost everything related to our conditioned state of being has been passed down from generation to generation. This process may very well start at the point of conception. It continues as the “being” in the womb develops. Then, at some point, human consciousness develops; it reacts to the influences and conditioning with which we are confronted daily. This causes a transformation from the “pure being consciousness” to the “human conditioned consciousness”. […]

Excuses: Why are you waiting?

We love excuses! This behavior is a personal and social inborn inflection. Why do we do it? Perhaps it is caused by conditioning factors of the mind such as ego, fear, or other behavioral factors that originate in a mind-made environment. Is it that easy to explain why we choose excuses over facts or reality? This explanation does not make anything easier, nor do excuses make our existence any simpler.

The number of excuses that can be used in daily activities is endless. Let us first look at a specific example to help obtain a clearer state of awareness. An excuse can be made in an attempt to avoid something. In Addition, the mind has become a true master of deception and will offer a person many reasons “why” we should not do something. […]

Chain Reaction: Do not let it happen!

A chain reaction is usually associated with events such as avalanches or explosions. There are many other examples that could be used to illustrate the patterns of a chain reaction. However we are interested in patterns of reactions and responses to people and situations for our topic discussion today.


Understanding what is actually occurring in any given moment can mean the difference between remaining in unconscious darkness and discovering the light of consciousness through enlightenment. Any person, thing or situation offers a portal to higher consciousness and achieving peace with your mind and the collective mind of other people. An aware state of being, in regards to our daily activities can dissolve a chain reaction before it starts. […]

The World is Changing: Are you Aware?

The ego, and mind conditioning, is still very predominate in many people. This results in a strengthening of fear and anxieties, based on the ego and conditioning, in human beings that can not or will not consciously awaken. The Bible has a story that offers possible insight into a conscious awakening. This would be what Jesus told the disciples about the end of the world. The word “world” had another meaning during this period of our history.


The word “world” came from the Greek word “Aion”. It basically meant “an age” or “an epoch” and is even stated as being the “Cosmos”. This description used by Jesus offers a clearer understanding of what each person can experience through conscious expansion.

A new age or era is within our reach. This may indicate the end of the world as we have known it.  It could mean a true apocalypse, an end to everything as we have known it. This does not necessarily mean an end but rather a new beginning whereby we base reality on conscious interaction and not on mind content, interpretation and definition. […]

Duality or Life: Wake up and Smell the Roses!

The mind has a tendency to induce duality in our existence. However we have never actually been separated from the source of life, the point of origin. The essence of this energy could also be called home. The birth of each person signifies a false journey that supposedly will return us home. We have never really been traveling on any type of journey. The idea of a specific path or purpose in life overshadows our existence.

The manifestation of conscious energy through an object offers the opportunity for conscious energy to experience itself; provided a life-form has reached a given level of self-consciousness. We were born for this one grand accomplishment. Our human evolution has given us the opportunity to perhaps achieve full consciousness, although there is no guarantee. […]

Salvation or Mind Domination: You choose!

We have always lived in a state of salvation. This state of being could also be called completeness. However the mind, through human conditioning has been doing its best to tell us this is not true. Human beings and all objects are manifesting life. In terms of our conditioning, we are standing on the edge of life’s door. Our human characteristics such as emotions and thoughts have given the ego power to control our human life. The ego tells us that we are on the outside of life, looking in.


The truth is that we are in life and looking out into the universe. The fact that we are part of life means that we are within everything. The ego wishes to fool us again and again by telling us that this is not true. The ego itself is nothing more than a part of this human conditioning dilemma that has developed in our species over countless centuries. It is a human device that has grown very strong over the course of our evolution. There is no real “need” to be looking for a path, either on the human or on the spiritual level. We have always had everything that we have been searching for throughout the centuries. […]

Simplify Human Existence: Discover Life

It sounds too easy to be true. Simplify the details of our daily existence and experience life from a state of higher consciousness. What does this really mean? Do we exclude more and more material things from our activities in order to refocus on the true essence of life? This could be one possibility. Do we resist temptations of the body? Will this allow life to blossom? Again, this could be one possibility.


Simplifying is however not something we do. It is something that we allow. Life is partially dependent on the mind and conscious energy of a life-form as it unfolds in each moment. What is happening in each moment? It is life! What we perceive also strongly determines how we react. This sounds logical but is usually forgotten in our general state of unconsciousness. We are not usually reacting to the moment from a field of active perception; rather it is done from a static field of conditioned responses to the mind. I have included a poem below for you consideration. […]

Free-Falling: Simplify Beyond the Mind

We visualize free-falling in a void of care freeness. The desire to experience life in this blissful manner is portrayed in storytelling, including scriptural stories. These stories imply an existence without impairments or discomforts. Floating and gliding through life has always fascinated humankind. Whereby we should consider that free-falling does not necessarily indicate an act or the movement of “falling”.

We desire bliss and the mind relentlessly tells us that it can be obtained; but always at a price. The mind is a true devil in disguise, in regard to controlling or restricting conscious awakening. It tells you that conscious bliss must be earned. However there are various methods that can be practiced to shift from mind content to awakened conscious existence perception. I experience the thrill of free-falling beyond the mind through various daily exercises, one of which is lucid dreaming. This started many years ago and has continued as a repetitive dream pattern. […]

Stillness: The Doorway to Nothingness

I hope this moment is fulfilling for you but such as it is in our existence, the moment seems short-lived. Should we ask why it is so fleeting or can we acknowledge that it is never-ending. The details of our activities do not cultivate the unfolding of this instant nor does the mind with its thoughts and emotions. It is the stillness within nothingness that manifests everything.


The now of this moment is nurture by the space of nothingness. Here in this stillness is where the conscious garden grows. The one that looks beyond the mind knows there is only one truth to find. There among the highs and lows, in and outs and ups and downs remains a stillness every unbound. […]

Bugs of the Mind do bite; just try to Sleep Tight!

“Good night sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” is a popular children’s nursery rhyme. This saying offers us an opportunity to consider what is experienced when we listen to a conditioned mind. Thoughts and emotions become bugs that hatch and flourish rapidly when the mind dominates our existence.


Imagine a large number of small insects moving around in your mind and distracting you from truly experiencing the actuality of now. This nuisance of the mind can start with a single thought or emotion and develop into a persistent swarm of mind bugs that gnaw away at our conscious, aware state of being. The onslaught of these mind bugs manifests outward from the mind and unfold as a reality that we perceive as being “real”. […]

Truth of Life: Have we forgotten?

The awakening of self-consciousness was something wonderful for humankind. Through it we can grasp the actuality of universal consciousness. Unfortunately our species creative intelligence, emotions and ego developments have manipulated and restricted the truth of our “being”. Science, religions or really any content structure of humankind can never be a substitute for the truth concerning life. What is the truth? It is something that can not be told; but experienced. We are conscious energy manifested through a human form. Our form and all forms are engulfed in this field.

 Unfortunately through definitions, interpretations, assumptions and beliefs we repeatedly project an individuality / separation. Mind conditioned behavior insists that there is an “us”, “them” and “everything else”.  We spend most of our human existence searching; we just don’t know where to look. A truly rewarding experience is when you realize that you will never find what you are searching for through another person, a God or any human definitions of life. There is really no need to “search”. Everything you desire is within you. It is you. […]

Softness in the Air: Is it Spring or is it Love?

There is a magical something that can be found beyond the realm of the mind. We interpret and define it through words such as consciousness, oneness and even love. It can also be described as softness in the air that surrounds everything.


This softness is always there even when we have forgotten. It is like a rose petal after a spring shower. It is the sense of tranquility that is experienced as a summer breeze embraces our body and awakens our soul. The leaf of a tree slowly unfolds; thereby it offers us beauty untold. Close your eyes and release the minds hold; there you will find riches sweeter than gold. […]