Heart Flow: It Knows

Heart flow is a term we can use to express the unexplainable mystery of conscious energy. I experienced this first-hand today as I prepared a meal. I was listening to a song from John Denver “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”. There were noodles and vegetables cooking on the stove. The ventilation van over the stove was on and it so loud that I could not hear the music very well.

It was not possible for me to hear the song as I stirred the noodles. Then I experienced a few seconds of frustration as the mind screamed out its demand to hear the music playing. There had been tranquility a moment before as everything had been in the heart flow. It almost felt as if someone was shaking my body as the mind demanded, “What’s happening?” “Why can’t I hear the music?” “I want to hear it, oh this is terrible.” […]

Absolute Spiritual Truth: Don’t Even Try!

There are often references made to absolute truth in philosophical, scientific, religious and spiritual discussions. Let’s consider areas of religion and spirituality for this discussion. What is absolute truth? It is an illusion that has helped us in our attempt to verify our existence. Although the word “helped” is hardly an accurate description of how this delusion misguides us repeatedly in everyday activities.


Absolute truth is considered to be a reality that never changes. Therefore any given assumption, interpretation or definition of anything is invalid relating to absoluteness. I do not wish to use the word “untrue” because anything can be true according to a given belief or perceptive. But truth does not contain an absolute. It implies a contradiction. […]

Decision: You call it Love

How often do you think about love? There is no actual research to verify how often this occurs but it is probably more than we realize. However there is an interesting aspect to this question that can be considered in terms of active conscious awareness. A decision is made in each moment. Let’s reword the question. How often do you decide to love?


A decision over any aspect of our existence has a direct influence on our state of being. Any applied decision is then the focus point of our brain energy and emotions that usually initiates motivation and further stimuli. Love is not simply an emotional aspect of our human nature. It is a decision that only you can acknowledge and uphold. […]

Words: What do they really Mean?

“A rose by any other name would seem so sweet.” This excerpt from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” has beneficial insight for our inquiry into conscious living. A word through expressed interpretation or definition of any person, situation or thing limits our conscious expansion. Words are often confused with whatever is being considered.


Shakespeare could easily have written “A word by any other name would seem so sweet.” It could be suggested that William Shakespeare had wished to express the futility of any word. Wikipedia: “The reference is often used to imply that the names of things do not affect what they really are.” A key to conscious awakening lies within this sentence.

The mind may be interfering now by telling you that words are a necessary part of our daily activities. And for all practical purposes this is true. But it stops there. The words or word is never “it”. This is correct whether we are speaking about the weather, the world or what is in or beyond the mind. […]

Song of Rain and Sun: It is to be Sung!

There is a song that can be sung.
The time and place is never something to debate.
This song is to be sung; regardless of the day or date.
It is a song that you compose.
It can consist of roses, posies or peaches.

You contribute to this song; why wait?
Don’t hesitate; it is never too late.
This song vibrates from inward, outward and all about.
There is a symphony of life to consider and share.
You are the conductor, do you even care?
You hold the magical baton in the air.

The notions of the mind are the source of this song.
The energy pulse you share decides what is there.
Share from your thoughts and never get what you sought.
But there beyond the mind is where a true light shines.
This is a place full of grace.

There is music to be experienced there.
This melody will continue on, whether rain or sun.
You determine if and when you will have fun.
The sky is not the limit, nor anything beyond.
Don’t listen to the mind or you will always seek more time.

You have the magic and you decide it all.
You don’t need to wait.
The music is playing; let’s all congregate.
Beyond the mind; whether rain or sun.
There you will once again meet your true self.


Every life-form contributes to the symphony of life in a continuous rhythm of energy vibration. This energy frequency is flowing throughout all objects in the circle of life. Every object has the ability to influence this field of conscious life energy. […]

Chop Wood and Live Now!

What are you aware of in this moment? What you are aware of, defines your existence. The search for enlightenment has become more apparent in our society. This search for self-discovery and serenity through a concept or method has been practiced by humankind for unknown time. The Buddha had an insight that we can consider. He wrote: “Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water”.


Zen also teaches a very similar philosophy about life enlightenment. The Zen quote “When hungry eat, when tired sleep” offers a wisdom that usually causes the mind to erupt in an explosion of assumptions, explanations and the demand to understand. Naturally the exact opposite was intended when this and Buddha’s insight were shared.

What do these examples suggest? We wish to keep it simply; therefore the mind should not actually answer this question. This may sound impossible but my reference to this is based on accepting and allowing what is obvious without interpreting thoughts or emotions. The obvious is as indicated in these quotes; chop wood, carry water, eat when hungry and sleep when you are tired. […]

Dance with the Trees

There are many people who are experiencing deeper awareness to conscious living. People tend to use different methods to obtain a portal to universal intelligence during the initial phase of this awakening process and even after it has began. There is a dance of life occurring in this moment and we usually miss it.

Life is actually dancing to our dance and we usually don’t understand that we have left the music playing but are not really listening. We are composing this dance through interaction with our being, our surroundings and life itself. The energy released from our mental or conscious state energizes a frequency. This, in turn, influences the field of life consciousness and manifests as the dancer of life.

Let’s consider a method that can be practiced to deepen our awareness to life energy and this dance. This can be done by observing a tree in silence. Every branch and leaf is moving to an energy flow that is beyond the mechanics of our mind. This is true even when the tree does not seem to be literally “moving”. […]

Communication and Conscious Evolution!

Communication is the name of the game being played by human beings. There are an estimated 7.19 billion active mobile cell phones worldwide. Thereby are countless other possibilities for us to communicate with each other locally, worldwide and beyond.


I am using one such method by sharing this article with you. I am communicating with a computer, a true technological marvel. However it is not the type of communication we use, but how we use it. This determines whether the transmission frequency will be strictly human content, consciousness or a combination of both. Please understand that we are referring to conscious energy and intention for our discussion purposes.

The next step for us may very well be to deeply consider if our level of communication will remain localized or are we ready to reach out; universally. A deeper understanding of our existence and life is beneficial in taking this step. I have chosen the word “deeper” to suggest that we should go mentally and, more importantly, consciously inward to initiate a true shift in our perspective. […]

Group Skype Chat Invitation

This is an invitation for a Skype group chat this Saturday July 29, 2017 at 16:00 (4:00 pm) Central European Summer Time CEST.


 A few individuals may recall one or two live video chat sessions that I had hosted on Facebook. Unfortunately the group sessions did not go well because of technical difficulty I experienced with several microphones. I have made many different microphone tests and have not been able to determine the audio problem. Therefore I would like to suggest using Skype as an alternative to the Facebook Live Video Chat. Skype offers a group chat option for, up to 25 people. […]

Song of Rain and Sun

There is a song that is sung each moment. Do you hear it? The area where I live experienced rain today. It was a beautiful summer shower. I heard the rain dropping onto the trees and was suddenly mesmerized by the gentle song of life that was present in the rain, even in each drop as it hit a leaf. I realized that I was not actually hearing the rain or wind. The experience was intensified through the awareness to the present moment.


I could feel energy vibrations as the rain fell. It felt as if I was moving in response to the tree limb movements as each swayed to and fro in the wind. I smiled as I considered what my friend would say if he would see me in that moment. What would my friend answer if I asked him if he likes the rain? This caused me to smile even more because I know that he complain about the rain and say that the sun should shine. Thereby it would be impossible to suggest that life was singing to him in that moment. The song of life usually remains unnoticed for most people. […]

Beyond Mind: Beyond Now

Words are only words but take on a given meaning according to a thought or feeling. Let’s consider the word beyond. It has, spiritually speaking, unlimited potential as a signpost to enlightenment. I often use this word to express a possible portal to conscious awareness.

The mind is wonderful for helping a human being in daily activities. It is very practical and has provided an opportunity for us to evolve to our present state. But there is a price that we have paid in reference to our dependency on the brain. This price has been a suppression of our awareness to true consciousness. Consciousness is also a result of local and universal evolution, although it has been mostly overshadowed by the mind. […]

Focus is Enlightenment

Could the attainment of universal knowledge be any easier? Focus is the key that will unlock the door of enlightenment. Focus is basically attention to something and what you are focused on makes a difference. This could be focusing on a thought, emotion, object or the best scenario would be consciousness. The frequency applied is comprised of one or more of the following: strictly mental, object consciousness and universal consciousness.

It may first seem that all three of the above are one and originate in the mind. However science and everything that we know intrinsically tells us that the mind is at best a doorway to consciousness. Thereby however the frequency is used by both mind and consciousness.

This can be very beneficial to someone that has consciously awakened and begins to shift his or her spectrum of focus.  There are obvious examples to indicate that we are already fully aware of focusing on a given frequency to achieve an even clearer state of consciousness. […]

Volunteer: A Helping Hand

Some people may be familiar with the volunteer work being done by Adil Issah. He is a dedicated and motivated person that gives so much and asks for nothing in return. He and a team of volunteers have been building and teaching throughout the upper western regions of Ghana.


Adil is the Executive Director of Caring Volunteers Network (CAVNET). The organization was developed to help and support people through medical and community development projects. CAVNET also assists in bringing education to children through school building projects and volunteer teachers. 

 Mr. Issah has recently acquired a building that will be renovated for use as the main office for CAVNET. This is a wonderful achievement for Adil and his team. This building will provide the team with a central support office for organization and administrative purposes. The efficient application of project plans, distribution of materials and use of volunteer workers will benefit greatly once the main office is completed. […]

Thyself should be Honored: But which Self?

Wikipedia defines honor as “an abstract concept entailing a perceived quality of worthiness and respectability that affects both the social standing and the self-evaluation of an individual or corporate body…” It is thyself above all others that should be loved and respected.


There are Bible passages that suggest Jesus and his disciples contemplated the essence of the one true self. One such given verse expresses the importance of self acknowledgement:

1 Corinthians 3:16-17 “Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If any man destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him, for the temple of God is holy, and that is what you are.”

We can replace the word “God” with “thyself” to express the human relationship to universal consciousness. Please remember that the labels we use to express anything, especially what we do not understand, are only words and not “it”. The ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself” was used extensively by Plato to indicate that Socrates knew of the “long-established wisdom” pertaining to thyself. […]