Eyes of our Soul

Eyes of our Soul; Love of Life
Eyes are said to be the gateway to the soul. The poet, the romantically inclined are inspired by this vision. There is a depth, a possible truth that is within these words. There is a vision. It is a universal knowledge. Our eyes are not truly needed. It is that which is beyond our sight and surrounds each word. We know what it is; without really knowing.

Eyes of our Soul

The thoughts about you burn in me like a fire out of control.

I also experience a fascination …

an Emotionally sensation.

From the first, hello…to eventually the last goodbye;

this is how it will always be.

Thus are the thoughts about you… so wonderful indeed.

You are the brightest star above.

You are so vivid, so free.

Then again also moody; sometimes relentless…

wonderful to know this is the real you.

We have seen one another in such a way as no other shall.

Hence we see, we know each other.

We have touched the self in the body of the other.

It is awe-inspiring to know the other is also the self.

This we have spoken not in words, but with the heart and our passion…

This is so true; it can be felt.

It is magic to behold.

It is a true live fantasy.

What is this magic … what does it really mean?

I feel this is not something to question.

it should be experienced, accepted and expanded.

One brief look in your eyes, and I am lost.

I want you, I need you In that moment.

I want to hold you close, be together with you…

and be one with you.

It is a fire that engulfs us.

I can feel the flame in your heart. The passion in our soul.

Words must not be spoken. There is nothing to gain.

It is there to be shared.

I see the fire in your eyes.

Words used to explain will never suffice…

it is enough to look into each others eyes.

thus the fire is ignited; it grows.

Alas there are sometimes fears.

These can smother…may eventually suffocate the fire

We know what is known. We sense what is obvious.

We should then trust in our passion.

Regrettably we know but we don’t listen.

I ask only this one question… why?

We know it is true. It should have never been forgotten.

The feelings, the passion and the inextinguishable fire.

This is something real; lets say, trust and it will be.

It seems so difficult to find; even more difficult to share.


What we have; we share. We know this; we feel it.

What now?

Shall we experience it, accept it… join together and be it?

It is a knowledge that we understand.

I wish for you to know.

I need you … I want you.

We understand each other.

We share the gift of life, one with each other.

I am here. You can have me, to take me as you want… as a friend or a lover.

I am your knight who is there to protect you.

A shoulder to lean on. I am there.

I will hold you in my arms …

You are always protected… each moment and every day.

There is one thing that will always be.

Whatever may come and whatever may go… I will be there.

if you need me.

If you want me.

When this moment comes, you will surely know.

How will you know?

Through the eyes of our soul

© Steve Leasock

Best wishes to everyone



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