April 4, 2017

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This page offers a sneak peek to our Facebook Community Group entitled “Simplicity of Life”. The group is becoming more and more known in Facebook. A reason for the increasing popularity may be due to the group’s philosophy.

The group encourages people to share life experiences, whereby the emphasis lies in sharing from the perspective of life energy consciousness and not human content details.

Facebook and other social media platforms can be useful sharing outlets. These are unfortunately too often used for the distribution of massive amount of human existence content, which does not necessary help our world to heal.

A Group that Cares!

We all wish to heal, but it becomes difficult to maintain active conscious clarity in an environment that persist in sharing content that is counter-productive for conscious expansion.

This small but ever expanding Facebook Community wishes to offer insight and ideas that may be helpful in the awakening and further expansion of human consciousness as we reunite with universal consciousness. I would personally be honored if you would consider visiting our Facebook group and perhaps join us.

Simplicity of Life

Hello Everyone, This group is designed to share life energy through conscious interaction with our being, our surroundings and the universe; all of which are one self. The group will nurture a life sanctuary environment for individuals that are involved in sharing, learning and growing with others; who are embracing a level of human consciousness that is attuned with life consciousness. The group is dedicated to spirituality, human existence and life awareness. Every human experience can be a portal to higher consciousness and life unity. It is a learning process which involves being aware of the awareness that has been initiated in that moment. This happens when we are truly aware and can accept life and feel it. This requires learning to experience the moment as it is and not how we demand it to be. The group is also a sharing experience for people that wish to express themselves through writing. I would personally be honored to experience individuals that would like to share their ideas and insights about our existence and life. This sharing could be in the form of a short story, poem or article. Many people feel the desire to express what they feel, but for whatever reason do not do it. My wish is to encourage and support individuals that would like to write and share. This group is not a portal for topics in politics, racism, aliens, UFOs, unexplainable pictures / events / articles, gossip of any nature, human/animal/plant abuse or sexuality in any form. There will be no topics displayed that knowingly or unknowingly will nurture a further mental frequency of hatred, fear, separation or general manipulation and restriction of life conscious energy. I have published the group as “Open to Public”. I hope that everyone will understand that any member that will be added by another member or Admin can and will be banned from the group if the group guidelines are not respected. "Our true essence originates in the manifestation of life. “I am who I am" (ongoing). It is essential that our species awakens to the potential within this statement. We determine the content of our existence through active awareness."
Deepak Bee
Deepak BeeTuesday, June 27th, 2017 at 4:42am
Something to watch out for !!
Cha Cahyadi
Cha CahyadiTuesday, June 27th, 2017 at 2:04am
Be brave to be authentically whatever you are. Your voice, your skin, your look, your size. Find your mirror, stare at the person in the mirror and ask "What is your purpose here on earth?"

Answer that, hold that, now live based on that

~ Cha
"Speak positivity always, if not shut up "
Niranjan Damani
Niranjan DamaniTuesday, June 27th, 2017 at 1:18am
Truth alone wins, and not untruth.

To me religion means truth and ahimsa or rather truth alone, because truth includes ahimsa, ahimsa being the necessary and indispensable means for its discovery.
I am being led to my religion through truth and non-violence, i.e. love in the broadest sense. I often describe my religion as religion of truth.Of late instead of saying God is truth I have been saying truth is God, In order more fully to define my religion. I used, at one time, to know by heart the thousand names of God which a booklet in Hinduism gives in verse form and which perhaps tens of thousands recite every morning. But nowadays nothing so completely describes my God as truth. Denial of God we have known. Denial of truth we have not known. The bearing of this religion on social life is, or has to be, seen in one's daily social contact. To be true to such religion one has to lose oneself in continuous and continuing service of all life.
Realisation of truth is impossible without a complete merging of oneself in, and identification with, this limitless ocean of life.
Hence, for me, there is no escape from social service, there is no happiness on earth beyond or​ apart from it. social service must be taken to include every department of life. In this scheme there is nothing low, nothing high, For, all is one, though we seem to be many.
Mahatma Gandhi..
Kalu Di Di
Kalu Di DiMonday, June 26th, 2017 at 6:18pm


Unlock Your Limitless Potential
The concept and pursuit of flow is central to Eastern philosophy. Taoism especially speaks of flow often in an effort to emulate movement, grace, and freedom. It requires trust and letting go which is also central to the concepts of non-attachment that are practiced in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other spiritual practices. Flow is a state of being that incorporates whatever is happening in an improvisational way rather than being stuck to a script.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. – Lao Tzu
Like the ebb and flow of tides we will always experience moments when we feel stuck and moments when everything is flowing for us. Sometimes we just need to accept these times when life has us in a holding pattern. But we also have the ability to shift this stuck energy if we choose. Flow states of consciousness bring creativity which is central to success, leadership, and empowerment while also bringing peace of mind and happiness. Science has started to unravel what happens in our brains during these ‘a-ha’ moments when presence or focus increases, time disappears, and we get into ‘the zone’. By understanding the science, and incorporating these practices we can increase our ability to get into flow consciousness.

We have moments when we feel stuck and when everything is flowing for us.
Science and Flow States of Consciousness

Neurochemically, the brain releases large quantities of endorphins: norepinephrine, dopamine, anandamide, and serotonin flood (flow into) our system. These performance-enhancing and pleasurable neurochemicals have a huge influence on our creativity. Steven Kotler of the Flow Genome Project says that flow states are, “caused by transient hypofrontality — the temporary deactivation of the prefrontal cortex.”

This is most interesting because it is the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC or DL-PFC) that is involved in impulse control and critical thinking. Not surprisingly this part of the brain doesn’t fully develop until we are in our twenties which explains why children are so comfortable being creative and in the flow (and why they do crazy impulsive things). However, it appears that this part of our brain associated with self-awareness or our ‘inner critic’ needs to be suppressed for us to enter into flow states.

It isn’t only the neurochemicals in our brain that produce flow states, it is the electrical frequency, or brainwaves. According to Kotler, our brains become activated somewhere between Alpha (daydreams) and Theta (edge of sleep). This is commonly called the lucid state, and is a realm rich with inspiration. Flashes of inspiration are also associated with Gamma, but this state is usually fleeting.

Our brains become activated somewhere between daydreams and the edge of sleep.
Creative Expression

It is no surprise that water is a primary natural element that teaches us about flow. It passes around rocks as it splashes down mountainsides, falls from the sky as rain and though soft and nurturing it can also smooth stones. Musicians strive to enter a flow state when they are jamming, just as the painter can become lost in the colors and patterns of paint as it is spread across the canvas. Writers experience this phenomena when inspiration grabs them, and athletes experience it on their best days.

Life itself is an art-form where we have an idea or vision and then encounter many obstacles that we must negotiate as we cascade towards fulfilling our dreams. We see the contrast between flow and tension in the body of a dancer as we feel the contrast between these two extremes. Even the great martial artist, Bruce Lee, allowed his expertise to be shaped through his observation of water. In this way we can see how art, nature and spirituality flow together. Now let’s add science into the mix!

You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend. – Bruce Lee
Our creativity is released by being like water and dropping into a flow state.
The Daydream Place

In order to discover this flow state, since we have drawn a connection between water and flow, we must be willing to indulge our emotions. We have all heard the idea of letting your emotions flow. Many people use their ability to control impulse to also inhibit their emotions because they are afraid or embarrassed of their shadow emotions like anger, sorrow, or fear. Though we all need impulse control for social reasons, it is not easy to repress our emotions while allowing creativity to flow because the two are entwined.

This is where spirituality is helpful. The ability to witness and stay present with all emotions, to create a sacred container to allow ourselves to feel is very important. This can be with a morning meditation, yoga, a walk in the woods, or any practice that allows our brains to slow down while we sink into our body-awareness. This state of relaxation, openness, and quiet-mind is the daydream place also known as parasympathetic that is creative, and healing for our body and mind.

The daydream place is creative and healing for both our body and mind.
One of my favorite books over the years is The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. It is more than a book, it is a way of life. The book contains exercises to open the creative mind that are proven to be successful for decades among artists of all types. A key component of the program is Morning Pages. It is an exercise in writing from a place of flow…no stopping to think, edit, or use correct grammar. Just tap into flow consciousness and see what emerges. I highly recommend the book to anyone wanting to learn this precious skill for opening the mind. – Why Imagination Matters
Shut Down Your Inner Critic

The second important thing you can do is to train your mind to be in a flow state by having a regular practice of shutting off your inner critic. Buying a journal and practicing morning pages as described above will help you enormously. It doesn’t have to be words, it can also be paints smearing across a canvas without any desire to create form but to just watch the ways the colors smear together the way a child is with finger-paints. This can also be done with slow movements, or sitting at a piano or other musical instrument. Make your mind wander and practice ignoring your critical mind that wants to interfere. Lay on your back and stare at clouds until you can see patterns and shapes, watch them come together and morph into forms and formlessness.

“Become like water my friend.” – Bruce Lee.
Become Like Water

Though the practices which help you cultivate the ability to be in a flow state seem counter-intuitive in our fast-paced, goal-oriented world, they are integral to our success and happiness. This is not merely something we practice alone, it is a way of behaving in community. We can be the critics to our friend’s expression, or we can smile and encourage them to play with ideas. This creates synergy and mutual support which is at the foundation of a creative culture.

Of course there is a time to be critical, but once you begin to explore the world of flow you will realize that it is less important than you once realized. If you want to excel with the creativity, flexibility, and confidence that is needed in our modern world then you may want to take Bruce Lee’s advice. Be like water my friend.
Mamta Rajshree
Mamta Rajshree shared a link to the group: Simplicity of Life.Monday, June 26th, 2017 at 5:57am
Who am I
Deepak Bee
Deepak BeeMonday, June 26th, 2017 at 4:24am
There is not much difference between being happy or being unhappy.Both are just two states one experiences .One is a crest and the other is a trough -so they are part of the same wave of energy.They both come and go. Both can be perceived from the state of being so they are not you. You as the being are neither happy nor sad. You are peace and there is no potential for any happening in the state of being-ness. Your only true state is obviously in that very natural state. Peace is where there is no disturbance , no current of events are felt . It simply is. Your true state is 'Sat-Chit- Ananada' -Existence - Knowledge -Bliss.


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