April 18, 2016

Inpiring Quotes

This is a page dedicated to sharing insights and inspirations from individuals who have contributed to the expansion of conscious energy awareness. The page purposely has no structure. It is a sparkling mountain spring of ideas and insights.

You may find that the random reading of one quote will give you a spiritual stepping stone that may be beneficial on the journey back to your true self. The law of attraction might offer you a quote that gives you new life perspectives.

The men and women that have contributed these insightful words have the very same knowledge that you or I feel inside. Every person can reawaken to the potential of this universal knowledge. Active awareness is essential for this awakening. Awareness to life energy consciousness ensures that we do not fall susceptible to the dominating conditioned human behavior patterns.

Awakening simply involves awareness of the moment. This will eventually allow the human form consciousness and universal life consciousness to reunite harmoniously.

There is a momentous shift in human consciousness occurring. People are becoming more aware of this change. This shift in our perspective of human existence and life is being realized by more and more individuals. This; in turn, magnifies the expansion of the super-imposed portal that we unknowingly have mentally put between us and the dimension of universal consciousness.

Best wishes to everyone

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