We are Life: Life is about Experiencing

We are life. Life equals experiencing. We are so overwhelmed with content that we mostly disregard “experiencing life”.

Life does not dictate concept, definition, or purpose; neither individual nor universal. Only the human mind differentiates among one and many assumptions about it. Science loves to baffle us with hypotheses, theories, and theorems. Religion over the last few hundred years has even entertained itself and the populace with conjectures and man-made principles govern human science. What does this tell us about life or life consciousness? It doesn’t tell us anything substantial. Least we not forget that all human content is mind based. The mind projected content of our existence is often without true conscious awareness. A classical example of this is the Big Bang theory. The Big Bang theory is mind established as basically either nothing or everything. Human beings have dictated the values of this occurrence.

The importance lies on “experiencing” not “conceiving”, although conceiving can corporate hand in hand with the oneness of life. We can and we do co-operate with life consciousness. We must first reawaken and relearn the isness side of life before we can once again use the potential found in conceiving. We are as yet not truly aware enough to use this potential wisely. We will be fulfilled entirely when we experience life in its essence, and not from our mind generated delusions about it. The minds understanding of life can and will eventually prove a wonderful feature of our human species evolution. The mind and our ability to conceive / co-create are blessings. However we must first become awakened enough to discard the old conditioned patterns of the mind. The developments of the mind through the influences of our equally developed human traits have cost our species and this world dearly.

Significant for a change to occur is the ability to reawaken.

Reawakening will release our hold on the demands that are made on our human existence. We could then conceive (wish, image) on a compatible frequency with life instead of against it. We will relearn and correspond to life without the need to define or dominate it. We will then experience what we have conceived; in accordance with life. What we do not have or become during human form existence was never ours to receive. Human beings convince themselves that it should be ours to received; whether this is a desire, want or need. This is done through false mind vibration projections.

A real change will only occur when we have awakened (more aware). It is vital that we learn how to use our species consciousness. This ability allows us to touch (communicate) with the universal consciousness. The popular Bible quote: “for whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap” opens a new awareness dimension when we give this quote a new twist. We could write: “for whatsoever an unawakened man sows that shall he surely reap; whether he wants it or not”. This illustrates the bond we could have with the universal intelligence. Aware experiencing, more aware experiencing and even more aware experiencing is one important key needed in knowing who you are.

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