A Moment of Reflection: Initiates Change

Hello everyone
Do you sense something that is initiating a change in how you see yourself and the universe? I am attempting to type this article on a Tablet with a small Bluetooth keyboard. Please bear with me during the adjustment period from a standard PC to the almost micro world of Tablet usage. I have already concluded that I am old school in reference to the quickly advancing computer era that is just around the corner. I adapt quickly and understand that the advancing alteration brought on by the computer technology is simply a next step in the evolution of humankind.
The so-called future (We don’t want to forget Enlightenment Course 101 which conforms that we can only “be” in the now.) entails a vision of bio-genitics that may very well signify the end of the “human species” has we have known it for the last 1.7 million years or so. This indicates that a change in our conditioned pattern of thinking and reacting may be beneficial.
Let us now return to another topic area which will also sooner or later involve a change in our conditioned behavior or not. The expansion of our human consciousness would appear to correlate with the vibrational energy output of universal consciousness. It would almost appear to be a continual cycle whereby each consciousness (form and universal) are dependant of the other. Again Enlightenment Course 101 suggests that the only real difference, distinction or separation lies in our observation of the two, which are actually only one.
I recently listen to the audiobook version of “Freedom from the Known” by Jiddu Krishnamurti. This is excellent reading (listening) material for anyone who has awakened to a level which nurtures change. There was something in the manner by which Mr. Krishnamurti expressed the various topics within the book. There was something very obvious to be found in his words. He was explaining awakening and topics of enlightenment just as many other sages. He; as others, shared his reawakening to universal knowledge in a manner unique.
His words resonated with the inner awakening that I have experienced. I additionally heard “content” that has been expressed by others over thousands of years. Each person expressing the same content in a manner corresponding with the individuals character, behavior and time frame. This taking the human evolutionary period and or personal and social level of development.
The portal to the field of totality was easily opened through the words (sign-posts) that Mr. Krishnamurti provided. Reflectively I felt, knew and accepted what he and you also know. The manner by which we eventually feel, accept and share this knowledge may suggest a given individuality; however it’s origin is within the same field of aware consciousness.
You may also have or are in the process of awakening. This awakening will occur in accordance with your level of awareness, acceptance and ability to change. This is something wonderful. This is the same “one” awakening that has occurred in many human beings; Jiddu Krishnamurti, Buddha, Jesus, Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle to name a few. That to which we are awakening is constant; it is every flowing. The apparent individuality in this reawakening process lies strictly in the interpretation. The spirit is manifested and shared through the unique individuality of any given person; whether this person is Jesus, Jiddu Krishnamurti, you or me.
Best wishes to everyone


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