201: A Writer’s Odyssey

Odyssey’s are experienced each day and in every way possible. This is true for everyone. I would like to congratulate everyone on his or her own odyssey; whether great or small. An odyssey can occur in any moment that is experienced with the fullness of mind and spirit. My reference to an odyssey is related to the storyteller in each of us. There are people who tell stories, others who listen to stories and those that tell and listen to stories. The odyssey lies in the experience; whether this is telling the story or listening to it.

There is a magic to be found in writing. Imagination often abounds as the story-line unfolds. Creativity is awakened; there is a bond between mind and spirit. The mind unites much easier with consciousness during a moment of creativity. This is experienced in a burst of unrestricted awareness. This unrestricted awareness perception is also available in all existence activities; not only writing.


The writer’s odyssey began many years ago when I was a young boy. Recently I felt something that might be consider a “writer’s passion”. This was at the end of 2014 (human clock time) 🙂 This passionate desire showed me that it was time to go the next step. This implies writing, writing and even more writing. Through writing I have realized the significance of sharing. Writing is about sharing ideas, insights, joy and sadness.

I wish to thank everyone for sharing here on Facebook, Twitter and my website; each has shared in his or her own way. Sharing has sometimes occurred through ideas or insights. Other times it has been an exchange of joy, frustration or sadness. The greatest joy in sharing is the giving and the receiving. Sharing from the level of human mind and consciousness often opens the portal to the universal conscious isness of the experience in any given moment.

The open unconditional sharing of human mind and emotions opens a clear frequency channel to the totality of our essence; when done in a state of space conscious awareness. We; as human beings, all have moments of individual ideas, opinions and insights. This is to say that dualistic thoughts and behavior responses have given ideas and insights the appearance of individuality. They however all originate from one united source frequency. This would be the frequency of life energy consciousness. Sometimes the totality of being gets confused or lost in the human form interpretations. Your existence odyssey is only different from mine in interpretation. We are all experiencing life consciousness energy.

This is our common ground. Staying present in the isness of now allows the natural unified life consciousness frequency to flow. Assuming content definitions, mind thoughts and emotions are the key to life consciousness separates and strengthens duality. True committed awareness to life universality may offer many form existence possibilities; additionally changing the very expansion of the universe. You may not “think” that you have the potential to change the universe; but you do…you are the universe.

P.S. The reference to “201” in the title indicates the number of articles / Posts I have shared here and on Facebook since the beginning of last year. I wish once again to thank everyone for reading and sharing the articles.

Best wishes


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