A Flowing River Conceived Through Perception

What is meant by a perception that conceives? Do we perceive life oneness through the human senses? Does our knowledge of the universal consciousness originate from human perception? Or has this oneness always been there vibrating through our human form? Was it simply a matter of object consciousness evolution at a deeper level that opened the portal to this realm of possibilities?


These are perhaps questions that should be asked after a conscious awakening as occurred within the dimension of the mind. The title of this article may be misleading. Perception originates from the senses of a life form. We could say “It is the act of perceiving”. Perception is initiated through thought / consciousness processes. Here we could say that perception is an intuitive understanding or recognition. There is another way to look at perception. This is something that may be interesting for someone that as awakened to the knowing that has always been a part of you.

This would be something that Dictionary com defines as „Psychological“. It is stated as:

“A single unified state of awareness derived from sensory processes while a stimulus is present.”

We could suggest that this is inferring a state of enlightenment. This is once again a topic that requires jumping down the rabbit hole. The deeper we go; the deeper we wish to go. Here we go…a state of unified awareness has always been present. True awareness is the state of presence or oneness. We; and or, each life form must however first become conscious of this dimension before we can perceive it. Thus having reached this stage of conscious / mental development there are many other factors that interfere with a continuous “aware” state of being. We might say that we “perceive” too much. This is due to the complexity of our “being“.

We are all familiar with these restrictive / manipulative distractions that could be considered both necessary and unnecessary. These can be found in the content of our existence. These “things” are the content of our existence…human factors such as our mental / emotional state. There is also everything that has been added to our existence through the development of our mental and emotional “perception” of the universe. However these are basically everything that we deem as “factual” or “believable”. These are the illusions of our existence.

Best wishes to everyone

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