A Flowing stream of Perception: What Will be, May Not Be

I remember a flowing stream so long ago. This stream played a significant role in my childhood. It later became a focus point during my spiritual awakening; which is ongoing.

I grew up in a mountainous area. There were streams everywhere. Childhood was spent exploring these streams and the nearby woodland. Have you ever crossed a mountain stream? This is where a person can experience real perception…total awareness. Your level of awareness is very active during a stream crossing attempt. You are the awareness that is being aware in such a moment. A moment such as this can be used as beneficial topic for our discussion. Crossing a mountain stream gives us an opportunity to appreciate human form perception. It also gives us a chance to reunite with universal consciousness. We realize our totality as both the human form and life consciousness in such a moment.

True awareness, together with active perception is needed in each moment when attempting to cross a stream. We may say that you become one with the moment when undertaking such an attempt. Perception is needed to cross the stream. Awareness gives you clarity of the situation. There are stones to be found everywhere in the stream. The stones offer passage across the stream. Choosing the next stepping stone is significant. These are stepping stones across the stream of your existence. This stream is the flowing essence of our existence. It is life consciousness.

Crossing a stream involves a consideration made consciously. This would be “Which stone I am standing on now and where do I wish to go.” This is also true when considering life. .

I see that this article is becoming lengthy. Therefore let us make a third consideration before we end this discussion. Our existence is about knowing where we are in each moment. It consists of being the moment in its totality. In doing this we become the everlasting moment that we are experiencing. This is much different from superficially observing the moment. We often do this by “thinking” or “believing” that we are actually experiencing the moment. This is often not true. We are usually already in the next moment and the moment after that moment…on and on it goes. We miss the actuality of the one “true” moment by attempting to reach the next.

The analogy of the stream crossing is best understood when you are or have actually crossing a stream. Standing on a stone in the middle of a stream provides you with an excellent opportunity to perceive the stone you are standing on, the next stone that you wish to reach and the surrounding water. Your degree of aware perception can open the portal to active oneness with all that you are experiencing.

This comparison is somewhat difficult to put into words. I suggest finding a stream and crossing it. You may then experience what I have put into words during a moment on one of the stones. I have included a very insightful video from Jiddu Krishnamurti. Please do not let the second video’s length discourage you. His words will resonate with the truth that you already know. He explains the act of perception in a profound manner.

Best wishes

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