A life-form is love-Love is Awareness-Awareness Offers Change

Would you agree that a life-form; any life-form, can love? Would it be correct to say that human beings really only have one true desire. This would be to find the true self. Human beings are generally uneasy about many aspects of our existence. This may be because deep down we know that the content of this existence is basically an illusion. This does not mean that what you or I do is not real. It suggests that we devote too much life energy into maintaining a mirror image of established content structures. I refer to this as living a lie because we blindly continue to interpret, reinterpret and validity our existence through assumptions and beliefs.

We continue to gaze at the mirror reflection and belief it to be true. It is even a false interpretation for me to say that our desire is to reunite with our true self. It is about accepting that we are the true self. We have never been separated from life. We are totally engulfed in it each moment. Love is always there for us to experience; but we must choose it.

The bond between life and love has been present in the universe for untold ages. This is perhaps due to two factors. The first would be the level of consciousness in any life-form. The second would be how any given life-form uses its awareness of consciousness. Is there perhaps a direct correlation between our lack of life awareness and our misuse of that which we have defined as love? Human beings have reached an advanced stage of self-consciousness. This has given us the opportunity to question life, love and the universe. We are now entering a further state of consciousness that gives us easier access to universal intelligence.

We may wish to consider moving away from conventional assumptions and beliefs that were spawned from unawareness, ignorance and fear. The life energy dimension appears to contain an apparent love frequency. Living species of all shapes and sizes contribute to the manifestation of love in the dimension of life. This occurs in various intensities that correlate with a given species level of consciousness. The more you belief that love is the universal foundation of life; the more likely it is that this is how life will manifest itself in the universe. How you ever imagined having this much influence over the universe; well you do.

Love is an interpretation of emotions projected by any given life-form. Love is defined as having empathy for each other and other life forms. The expansion of our species consciousness has established the link to life, love and universal consciousness. We apply this understanding of love to our observations, interpretations and reactions throughout our existence. Human beings have made love and even life a goal that must be reached. The belief is that both can be obtained through various means. These assumptions are based primarily on long established behavioral conditioning. Love has become a prize that must be won in our human existence. We may not wish to admit it but this generalization can be found in our social structures and in our literature (including religious writings).

It would seem that human beings continually exploit the core essence of love through our definitions of it. We often corrupted the essence of love through humankind interpretations and behavior. Both; our interpretations of and behavior concerning love continue onward. Would you agree that this is due to conditioning and lack of awareness? The dimension of life / love engulfs everything. It contains everything we will ever want or need. But we are generally preoccupied with the human content structures that we have imposed on life. We just can’t see the depth, the possibilities and serenity to be found with the dimension of totality.

Human beings actually consider it to be a dangerous place; a place where we should not go. We easily overlook the fact that we are swimming in the vastness of this dimension every moment of our existence. We abuse this fact in the same way that we often misuse the true essence of love. Love and life are in essence one and the same. It is simply the manifestation of life through this human form (any form) that has nurtured the blossoming of life-form emotional enhancement (love). What does this mean? This suggests that a species intelligence and consciousness have evolved enough to enable an emotional vibration strong enough to transcend the universe; thus life. This may give the appearance that love is separate from life, but it is not.

It is again important to remember that we interject; thus “believe” life is impossible without love, we literally superimpose love on life. This; in turn, relates back to why we manipulate aspects of love. We are not really interpreting or manipulating the true essence of love or life. Rather we are ruthless in defining, interpreting and judging what we “believe to be love / life. All that we are really doing is further corrupting self-made content structures that have no true reality. The reality in which we so strongly believe is only as valid as the person or persons that believe in it. This and all content is part of our existence delusion.

Life-form and Love

It may be correct to say that the pure life essence dimension contains the ingredients for love manifestation. Life can manifest anything. The manifestation catalyst starts with the level of consciousness obtained by any given life form. Many manifestations that occur in the life dimension are shared; love is one such example. What we refer to as “love” is perhaps found in all life-forms to some degree. Everything correlates around a given form and its level of consciousness. Coincidentally is the level of complexity within a species evolution attributed to the degree of consciousness. What we define as “love” can be seen in any life-form; both big and small. Human beings have the capacity to feel love in its purist state. We often prefer to complicate the essence of love through expectations, demands and desires. We can however literally reform the universal in love. It is our choice.

The video clip is part five of a six session retreat with Jiddu Krishnamurti. This seminar offers ideas and insights into what human beings have done with love.

Best wishes to all



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