A Poem of life, A Poem of Love

Poem of life and one of love. The essence of life energy should be interwoven with these. But then again, this is for you and me to decide. A poem is used to express many things; life and love to name but a few. Still the significance lies in allowing; it is an acceptance of love…more so of life.

A poem or a single word may offer us guidance. The truth is always within, not only within… it surrounds you. Life energy flows through all to be seen. It can blossom in ways inconceivable, when we allow. Expressing this through a poem or a gesture is an expression of life.

I wish everyone a reflective, fulfilling moment.

The Air that I breathe

You are the essence of spring.
Your smile shines like the sun after the rain.
Your warmth and beauty highlights the magnificence of life.
Your laughter is a symphony.
It is so pure, so alive.
One must only listen to understand.
Unfortunately, there are but a few that hearken.
Your eyes shine brighter then the stars.
Each is heavenly blazing and dancing.
It is as pleasingly as a dream.
Your innocence shines forth with a wisp of wisdom.
Thereby you intoxicate all with your presence.
Joy can be felt.
You are precious in your own special way.
It is refreshing.
A touch of life, like the air I breathe.


Please Tell Me Why?

Where do I belong? What is happening to me?
Why don’t I understand the world or it me?
Please tell me why?
I do my best, really I do.
I look out into the world each day.
Again and again I say …
Here I am a world; don’t you see me?
I listen for an answer but often; quite often, there is nothing to be heard.
There is only silence, precious silence to be perceived.
Please tell me why?
Again and again I feel very confused.
I feel shattered, twirling in a storm.
There I twist and tumble.
Please tell me why?
I have so much to give.
There is desire, passion and love.
This is regardless of thought, feeling or action.
The next step often seems so difficult.

Please tell me why?

I shout at the sky.
Oh, please tell me why?
Then I smile … once more head held high.
Although I wish to submit…deep inside I still cry just a bit.
Then there are days …
I reach for something to hold; if possible a solution.
Is there not one to be found?
Please tell me why?
I stretch my hand to someone.
My heart opens wide with hope.
I ask but one question.
Can you please tell me why?
I know now the world is not what I have thought.
No one had told me.
No one has shown me.
I say again; please tell me why?
I just wish to exist; to live as one with life.
I wish only to love, to give and receive.
But how in a world that is afraid?
Will someone please tell me…why?


© Steve Leasock


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