A Reason for Being

The human mind conjures up countless reasons for being. This is synonymous with the purpose of existing. Do we truly, inertly feel that there is a reason for our being? Or have we been manipulated into assuming that there must be a reason for being? We can naturally find many pliable reasons for being.


When none come immediately to mind, the mind will simply make up a reason for being. The mind is cluttered with content achieved through thousands of years of unaware, unconscious existing. The mind tricks us into thinking that we are highly conscious; but is this true?

There is no other true reason for being other than the fulfillment of this one blink of an eye in which our entire existence transpires. The moment is fulfilled when we are aware of it; nothing more is needed. Doing this would give us access to everything. We would reach the dimension of totality. Full awareness of Totality would perhaps offer us something unexpected. We would understand that we are the reason for being. We could call this going full circle, completing the circle of life.

You are the Reason Why

Then it would be apparent that we are the reason why there is a flower, a tree or a bird. We are the reason for being relating to the entire universe. The flower, tree or universe would not “be” without the consciousness that we are now aware of through the unfolding of our existence. We (consciously speaking) are the reason for being concerning any object in the universe; perhaps beyond. This is not egoistic. This does not induce separation. It is in reference to the unified totality of everything.

The reason for being is known in that one and everlasting moment. The form that moment will take is decided by the state of awareness. This either conforms to human content illusions or expands from human consciousness to life “oneness” consciousness. We could call this a reason for being but why should we? Experiencing it is enough, labeling it is overkill.

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