A Rolling Thinking Train of Demands

Thinking is continual process. It is not truly possible to turn it on or turn it off; or is it? It may be possible to shift our perceptions away from random; often spontaneous, thinking…

The valley opened before us. There was a serenity to be felt in the air. The sheer magnificence of it was breath-taking. Every stone, each blade of grass and every tree although fulfilling no true purpose…belonged. The valley would not “be” without all that was to be seen. The valley itself was huge. There was not clear beginning and no defined ending; it simply “was”.

A sparkling river flowed through the very heart of this valley. It gracefully meandered to and fro; always changing, but never deliberately moving. This was the valley of non-thinkers; a forgotten valley where only a few have chosen to remain. It should be said; to avoid confusion, the people in the valley are just like you and me. The one significant difference is in “how” these people “think”. No, no, no…this is not a puzzle or secret to be solved; each person in the valley “thinks” just as you and I…then again maybe not.

But enough about this silly thing called thinking. Let us continue to discover the beauty of the valley. Here it is clear that a bee can not “be” without the flowers or the trees. A fish could not swim without its fins. This is known. There is no need for thinking, not a single thought to many stays here in the valley. The reality of the valley is in that what it is…it is known. We are quite fortunate to visit the valley on this particular day. This is the day and almost the hour when the fast rolling thinking train of thoughts comes to the valley. You may ask…who needs such a thing? A train of thoughts indeed, it is to be seen.

There came a distant whistle far off in the valley where no one could see. There was the whistle again; now somewhat louder. There is the train. “The Thinker” is its name. It approached from around the bend; clickety clack, clickety clack. Then came the villagers; one after the other. Some of the villagers where pushing wheelbarrows. There were others pulling carts. Every villager was busy with something or other. There were some carrying sacks of every sizes; some quite large, others very small. I was aware that each of the villagers; young and old, had something to carry.

I was quite curious; yes indeed. I greeted the nearest villager; “hello and good day”. The villager nodded with a smile…”What be it may” is all that he could say. I asked what it was that he was carrying that day. “Why do you and the others move with such haste?”…each of you seemed burdened by the pack on your back and the sack that is carried in the hand.” The villager gazed toward the train. “The sack that I carry contains the useless thoughts of yesterday, tomorrow and even today”; sadden as he spoke. “We here in the valley of non-thinkers have learned much; but not in one day.” He continued on to say. “It is quite simple; that much I wish to say.” “Existence here in the valley is precious; it is pure…it is true.” We have learned to understand the train of thoughts in our head; most so insignificant…boohoohoo.”

“How is this possible?” This is all that I could ask. He went on to explain…”We here in the valley now know. We consider the majority of thinking to be nothing less than unneeded baggage. This baggage however contains much more than old worn out socks and shirts. The bags are filled with expectations, fears and doubts; this to name a few. Every person has baggage that contains some things similar and others not.”

“What do you do with this baggage?” This was naturally my next question. “We keep the useless thoughts in storage until the day when the old train comes to visit this way.” He went on to explain. Eventually I could understand. The “Old Thinker” uses the contents of the baggage as fuel for its needs. The “Thinker” is truly old; seemly set in its ways. The “Thinker” needs its routine and its supporting rails. The “Thinker” not only picks up the old baggage. The train also brings new ideas; some of which are useful, most of which are not. The villagers have learned to associate with thoughts that are need. Thinking is needed; thoughts often are not. What happens to those that are not? These are given back to the “Thinker” so mighty he is not. He then leaves the peaceful valley; welcome here he is not.

I will give an explanation for this story in my next post. What are you ideas / insights concerning the story?

Best wishes to all

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