A Sense of Unity

Unity is a word used in many areas of our daily experiences; including spirituality. But what is the essence of this word we call unity? Stop now; before you start “thinking” about unity. This is not something to think about, define, or even assume. Let’s attempt the Star Wars Jedi Knight approach to unity. This suggests feeling the life energy in you and in everything that is around you.


Live truly in the moment and experience the unity of life within you, through you and around you. The body experiences life energy impulses. It does not need to interpret what is there nor does the body need to consider what it does. It simply does it. Life energy manifests through the being that you are in this moment. A cooperative conscious aware state of isness opens a direct portal through which a life-form such as you or I can communicate freely with conscious life energy. We become it in a moment of true unity.

Now let’s look at a few example of life-form behavior. These examples may clarify the above insights. What usually happens when you encounter a bee? Most people experience fear when a bee flies by. A bee may even land on your arm or neck. The bee is simply doing what a bee does. The anxiety and fear increases in a person. Then the bee stings you. Why; because it shared your fear. It became afraid. The instinctive reaction of the bee is to sting when it is afraid.

What happens when a person wishes to ride a horse; let’s say for the first time? The majority of people are apprehensive and overly cautious about horse riding. A fearful person will radiate anxiety and fear when approaching a horse to ride for the first time. Horses are very sensitive. The horse is immediately aware that you are afraid of “something”. The horse probably doesn’t know that you are afraid of it. Anxiety and fear increase as you get closer to the horse. The constant unity that is there will be revealed as you get closer to the horse.

The horse’s eyes will get larger. It becomes visible nervous. The horse suddenly steps away from you or runs away at full speed. Why, because the fear you were radiating was shared by the horse. It instinctively sensed that it must do something about this fear. A normal response is for the horse to run. It does this before you can touch it to avoid experiencing the fear from it point of origin in that moment. This would be you. It is something that we could consider in regards to the above confrontation.

Unity with Everything

People usually associate a nervous horse with a “lack” of unity between the person and the horse. This assumption may not be accurate. It is perhaps exactly the opposite. Human beings assume this in almost every situation. A typical response is “The horse doesn’t understand my intentions” or “why is the dog growling at me”. A mental barrier is projected between us and other life-forms in such a moment. This barrier is strictly a mentally constructed illusion. The unity between the person and a life-form is so intensive in that moment that the true oneness can be experienced first hand; if we are aware and allowed it.  The horse and you; in this example, are united, this is constant.  It is only the mental and emotional obstructions that distract us from this constant unification.

It should be mentioned that the above interaction between a human and an animal also indicate behavioral conditioning. This is unavoidable; every life-form is conditioned to some degree. Clearly we react in one of two manners in each moment of our existence. However conditioning can not explain what is there when we step outside these behavioral patterns. We are either responsive according to mental and emotional conditioning or we find a way to step outside these pattern. The alternative would be to experience each moment in a deeper state of awareness. This would imply witnessing the moment as it is and not how we interpret it to be. Observing each moment from this “witnessing” perception would heighten the level of human consciousness. This would; in turn, insure a true open communication between us and the universe.

Best wishes to everyone



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