A Short Look at Love

The love given to us by a Deity is considered unconditional. A closer look at the scriptures of any religion would reveal that most references to such unconditional love are flailed with inconsistencies and misinterpretations. There is something to consider about unconditional love from the level of human existence. It is important to differentiate between our species interpretations of of it and its actual source. “Loving” unconditionally may be possible when we base our existence from within life consciousness and not species consciousness. There seems to be a need to use a belief, religion and or Deity to obtain true unconditional love. Must we really nurture mental illusions based on assumptions, beliefs and even science to experience it unconditional?

A key to understand is found in accepting life for what it is and not expecting that it conforms to our species demands and desires. A species love; any species, is conditional. It will remain this way until we are willing to step outside of the self-imposed existence boundaries. We have always attempted to instill these existence boundaries on life. This could explain why we have mostly remained in a state of conflict throughout our existence; both personally and collectively. The conflict is only within us. Conflict does not come from the universe or life. We and only we are responsible for this conflict.

Our artificial self (the “me”) is composed of content and universe that we have co-created is content based. Love is generally also solely based on conceptual formed illusions. Love is a fundamental component of life. It however does not play any significant role in the manifestation of life through object forms. It is nurtured into development through a living being that reflects consciousness. A state of consciousness is significant; whereby acknowledging love is the key. We are always “conscious”. It is however necessary to be aware of consciousness. Love in our existence has taken on a symbolic importance.

Awareness Offers Love

This is only because we are capable of reaching a level of awareness that is “aware” of consciousness. Therefore love as a component of life is strengthened purely through this level of awareness. The initial spark which generates it into the universe is pure. We become very preoccupied with the diversity of our self-imposed content existence. There have been many situations throughout humankind’s history that suggest a very egoistical definition of love.

People and organizations have often suggested that only humankind has been given the gift of love. Church and science have established this frame of thinking through religious scriptures / teachings and scientific formula’s and research. We are not the only living being that experiences love. Furthermore we are simply the only know living being that is capable of experiencing the mannerisms of love at a more pronounced level. We are aware that we can love and this is due to our state of evolution. This may sound really wonderful because it may make us feel superior. It can however prove to be more of a curse than a blessing.

Best wishes to everyone


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