A Short Story about Acceptance

Mark Nepo

I wish to share an experience that pertains to acceptance. I witnessed something this week that clearly shows how liberating acceptance can be in our existence. This past Sunday I ordered a few items from an online shop. There were recently some changes made in this online distributor concerning shipment options. I had not realized this until after I had placed the order.

The online distributor no longer offered such shipment options as overnight delivery, unless you are signed up for these “special” options. Signing up involves paying x amount of money for a one year sign up fee. I chose the standard shipment option. This meant that I would normally receive the package(s) with two or three days.

I went to work the next day. I told a friend that I had ordered a film that he had not seen. I offered to give it to him as soon as I received it in the mail. (I was sure that it would be Tuesday or Wednesday. He said it would be great if he could have it over the weekend. That evening I read the order confirmation email. The confirmation stated that instead of the normal two or three day delivery time; it could take up to ten days. The delivery date given was next Tuesday.

The human side of my “self” was of course not happy to acknowledge this fact. I had so wished to give my friend the movie on Friday (tomorrow). My first reaction was slight frustration and non-acceptance. I talked with my friend the next day. He said the obvious; “He or I should not pay a yearly fee for a service that we don’t use that often.” I agreed. Again he stated the obvious. “We will simply be patient until the package(s) arrive. I continued to struggled with the human side of my self for a short time after this conversation. I was not able to “accept”. I came home from work today. There was a package shipment form in the mailbox. This meant that I needed to go to the post office to pick up a package.

I stood in astonishment. I realized how naturally this had unfolded. The package had arrived at the appropriate time for me to give my friend tomorrow. This is exactly what he (I) had wished. Then it really hit me! I had only needed to unconditionally accept that the package would not be shipped as I had anticipated or “wanted”. This would have instantly opened up the portal to life. It would have given me access to life. I would have felt that everything will happen naturally. I would have been free from frustration or disappointment.

There is still more. I was walking to the post office. I heard a car horn. I saw my son coming around the corner in his car. We greeted each other smiling and feeling the joy of being together. He drove me to the post office; then home. We talked, really enjoying the few minutes together. He departed. I stood there feeling the beauty of this miracle. I would not have seen him today if I would not have received the package shipment form in the mailbox. I was at an exact spot at exactly the right instant to meet my son. This was a bonus in addition to the package coming on exactly the right day. I can surprise my friend tomorrow with the movie.

What is the moral to the story? I should have remained still, allowed and accepted what “is” in the moment. This story may seem somewhat insignificant but it is generally the simple insignificant experiences that are; in actuality, very significant. Immediate acceptance of the situation on Sunday / Monday would have opened up space in my experiences throughout the week.

Best wishes to all

Loretta LaRoche

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