Storyteller’s Companion

A Storyteller’s Companion.

Joseph Campbell may be considered the greatest storyteller that every lived. He may not have actually written books about science fiction, drama, love or any other countless book content. He did however know what it meant to be a storyteller. I have not actually read any of his books. I have only read scattered excerpts from his books and teachings. It would seem as if Joseph Campbell was able to read between the lines in stories and myths. He understood what a good story and storyteller really represents. I have felt a compelling urge to learn more about Joseph Campbell and his understand of storytelling and myths. I have decided to begin with Joseph Campbell’s “THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES”. I had not really been familiar with Joseph Campbell until I saw a documentary about George Lucas; which highlighted the making of “Star War”. The documentary revealed the interest that George Lucas has always had in Joseph Campbell’s understanding of storytelling. George Lucas more or less based his “Star Wars” saga on these insights over myths and storytelling.

I am very curious. Joseph Campbell’s understanding of myths and stories is has old as humankind itself. Understanding the foundation, structure and components of any given story could prove to be very useful for a writer. We are all storytellers. I personally love the idea of being a storyteller. I have often placed myself consciously in the earlier periods of humankind’s development. It is delightful for me to envision myself as a traveling storyteller hundred’s of years ago. Imagine traveling from village to village, sharing news and stories of neighboring villages and locations far away. I have a romantic view of how this might have been for the traveling storyteller. Such a person probably had his or her share of misfortunes such as hunger, no shelter and no family commitments.

This being considered; I still see such a storyteller as a person truly with a thousand faces. This is perhaps what Joseph Campbell was suggesting in the title of this book. The writer or storyteller is always in a manner of speaking; the hero. I am eager to begin reading this book. It should be quite interesting. I can already feel the storyteller in me bursting with inspirations. I will continue to write subsequent blog post sharing my feelings over “THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES”. I would be thrilled to hear from anyone who is also reading the book or has already read it. The content material of Joseph Campbell could help many of us to understand ourselves (the storyteller) much better. These books may help us (writers) to connect with the fundamental ingredients to be found in any story or myth.

I have included a link which briefly explains the ideas of Joseph Campbell and his books.

I have also added the link from Amazon. This is the book that I wish to read.

I wish everyone a great day.

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