Absolute Spiritual Truth: Don’t Even Try!

There are often references made to absolute truth in philosophical, scientific, religious and spiritual discussions. Let’s consider areas of religion and spirituality for this discussion. What is absolute truth? It is an illusion that has helped us in our attempt to verify our existence. Although the word “helped” is hardly an accurate description of how this delusion misguides us repeatedly in everyday activities.


Absolute truth is considered to be a reality that never changes. Therefore any given assumption, interpretation or definition of anything is invalid relating to absoluteness. I do not wish to use the word “untrue” because anything can be true according to a given belief or perceptive. But truth does not contain an absolute. It implies a contradiction.

This article is more a call to action then an explanation and we should not dwell any longer on the verification of anything being absolute or not. It can be very confusing for any person to experience the absolute because there are so many distractions. What might the absolute be? Would it be accurate to say that it is the totality in whatever form this manifests in any given moment?

Absolute Truth does not need a Name

We have given this search for truth many labels, including the word “absolution”. Absolution is the release or liberty from sins and from purgatory according to the forgiveness experienced in the Sacrament of Penance (confession). Thereafter you may experience this truth through the presence of God. This sounds wonderful but will only work as long as you belief it will work. This is an accurate statement in regards to any belief or teachings. A belief is a double-sided sword that can save or condemn you.

Everyone and everything is experiencing a truth that could be considered absolute. Furthermore we insist on naming it and demand that what we have labeled it is the truth. Thereby we ignore what we innately know. There is no wrong or right in choosing a means to explain absolute spiritual truth. However it would be very beneficial for true existence enlightenment when we can go beyond the names and labels. It is conditioned behavior, thoughts, emotions and ego that demand an absolute answer. The universal self is consciousness in its totality reflecting on itself through each object. Perhaps to observer the moment for what it is, is to experience universal consciousness absolutely. It does not matter how you label it.

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