Acceptance Provides Serenity

I have been mentally wrestling with a situation that started roughly two years ago. I recently experienced what could be described as a revelation. It dawned on me how acceptance provides serenity. One factor that has played an enormous role in this troublesome situation was my “assumption” that a given person involved in this ongoing situation was purposely doing what he did to cause a generally stressful environment. I even convinced myself that his intentions were to aggravate me continuously.


Acceptance provides serenity; it is so simple.
When we accept we can appreciate, forgive and then take action to change a situation.

The other day I was relaxing at home doing little odds and ends such as watering the plants. I suddenly sensed something that can be described as freedom. I actually felt a dimension open up, through which I had the opportunity to enter or ignore. This happened through simple acceptance of the moment and a release of regrets and assumptions.

The portal that I felt had opened was very inviting. I felt compelled to give it my complete attention. Acceptance offered me a behind the scenes view of what was actually unfolding in that moment. The urge to fully feel what this acknowledgement offered was truly empowering. I had spent over two years allowing my conditioned emotions and thoughts to control me in aspects dealing with this supposedly annoying situation.

The only true annoyance was allowing my state of object consciousness to remain in limbo. It had been restricted and manipulated by common human factors throughout the two years of “suffering”. I had reacted blindly and was influenced through conditioning in the situation mentioned above. We are confronted with mind induced elements every day. Today I realized that this long term problem was really not a problem but a mind game.

Acceptance offers Enlightenment

I had unknowing created, then established and nurtured the conditioning behavioral impulses that have manipulated me repeatedly. I have remained in a state of anguish and ignorance primarily due to my lack of awareness. The revelation today gave me insight into the actuality of the situation. The problem has continued on and on because of the fear that I constantly rekindled. This fear resulted from me ignored the truth. Fear maintained its grasp on human content elements, such as ego, emotions and blind human intelligence. Here I am referring to intelligence when it is overrun by the ego and our conditioned emotions. The brain then reacts but this reaction is powered almost exclusively by conditioned thoughts and emotions.

This originates from object intelligence and not universal knowledge. An awakening to conscious living occurs when we have freed ourselves from human conceptional restrictions. Then human consciousness can harmonize with universal intelligence or oneness. When this occurs a person will immediately feel the unrestricted dimension of life; such as I did today and acceptance occurs.

I now know what is needed; what I must do, in order for me to perhaps change the situation that I have allowed to flourish. More importantly I have gained more insight into the simplicity of life. I can now release the burdening negative influences on my mind. These have literally possessed me over the last two years. This acceptance is, in itself, very fulfilling.

Have a great day!


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