Accepting any person or situation will stop frustrations and anger before they can even start. Accepting allows a portal opening. Through this opening you will find a dimension that can clear restricting mental chatter in your brain. When I write about accepting any person or situation I do not wish to imply that we should bow our heads and take whatever our daily activities dish out to us. Accepting a situation or person’s behavior in any given moment does not mean that you approve or believe in what is happening or what a person has done or said.

The type of acceptance I am written about is something that occurs within you. We could compare it to a young tree sapling bending in the wind. Accepting any given situation really means “not resisting what has already happened”. Eckhart Tolle uses the phase “What is, is”. This would mean that the normal human conditioned behavior that invokes resistance is quite absurd. What real use can frustration or anger be in a situation that already “is”? The answer is logical…”none”. This will become more and more clear to a person that has obtained a higher level of life awareness.
A situation occurs: a car accident, an unjustified comment from a co-worker or boss, an injury or something minor such as dropping a pencil or cell phone. Not one of these situations contains frustration or anger. We imply the frustration / anger into the given situation. This frustration comes strictly from us and not the situation. Life is not frustrated or angry. Not resisting the situation will clear static from your mind. It will also allow your emotions to remain unattached from the situation. This permits the body to experience a state of almost relaxation. Coincidentally this will give you a very clear perception over the situation in that moment.

This will allow a state of awareness that is united with life consciousness and not one that opposes it.

How can all of the above benefit you during a situation that is usually quite frustrating for you? It will give you clear insight. You may start to be aware of what is actually occurring in any situation. This means that you will see the situation for what it really is. There will be no interpretation, judgment or emotional complexity thrust onto a situation. You will begin to feel a type of serenity, where you would normally have exploded into a fit of frustration or anger. You will instead be in balance with life. Accepting the situation will stop you from labeling every person or situation as the cause of your frustration.

Accepting what every is occurring will then allow you to make clear decisive decisions. You will be able to consider and decide what the best course of action will be for you to take in any given situation. The inner peace of mind and body that can be reached through acceptance is almost immeasurable. You will feel a true tranquility that will eventually become unending.

I have included a video link. The video gives suggestions on what to do when you “think” things get tough. The video relates directly to the above discussion concerning accepting a situation. Ralph Smart gives valuable insight for people who don’t wish to continue existing in a state of frustration.

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