Alive: This Is Absolute

Are we alive and is this absolute? Please focus on your state of presence before the mind answers this question for you. Furthermore, it is essential to go beyond the mind and its self-image before answering this question.


The mind dictates who you are and who you should be in each moment. This is based on conditioning. It is beneficial to acknowledge that the mind is dominating your experiences. However, this behavior is unnecessary for living. This type of mind control does not promote your sense of being alive. Rather, it restricts our sense of living.

Alive is considered to be a state of willingness and acceptance to change and to experience new things. To be alive is to respond to living because of the life energy that is manifesting through you. You live and you know that you are experiencing life. This is something much different than simply living in the shadows of automated mind reactions.

Live Alive in Life

The mind does not want to acknowledge the difference between living and a true state of aliveness. Nonetheless, the mind is not needed to realize your potential as a conscious being. Your awareness to the life that is within and surrounding you basically determines how you experience everything. This insight may first sound somewhat absurd. However, beyond these words is the gateway to becoming fully conscious of the absolute (totality).

Life is paramount because it establishes the foundation for physical and conscious evolution. There is the potential for each life-form to consciously awaken. This, in turn, can energize the mysterious realm of universal consciousness (intelligence). What does this mean?

The process begins with your focused awareness on being alive in this moment. This is all that is needed to live; absolutely. Here again, it is vital to be aware of life and not the details of a human-made existence. Your perception of living will shift more and more as you unite with life. This will allow you to experience openness (consciousness) where there was once confinement (mind).

Either define the moment or the moment will define you.
– Walt Whitman



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