Allowing…anything and everything in any given moment opens a portal to a place that we deep down know is our essence. This place is our home. It is where the true self resides. This is the dimension of “isness” of oneness.

Allowing is the simplest act of being…of existing. Isn’t this true? The rock, the tree or a bird are allowing a state of being without even realizing it. I am throwing out ideas spontaneously; therefore what I am suggesting may sound rather abstract. Still let us see what this conversation might give us.


We are in a state of being in each moment. We are actually the “be” in being or the “is” in “isness”. There is a given state of “allowing” to be experienced in regards to “being”. A person is no longer the isness of the moment when he or she becomes frustrated, angry, offensive etc. This not being one with the moment may also apply in experiences of happiness, joy and bliss.

Allowing and Accepting

The eventually outcome may depend on the type of charged energy that we release at any given moment. Relating to the moment on a one to one basis will not only give you unity, it will open space into each moment. This space was usually suffocated by too much of everything. Human beings usually fill the moment with everything except true awareness of a given moment.

We could then say that in that moment this person is not allowing him or herself to unite with the moment. Here again it is beneficial to understand that there will be mental thoughts/emotional distractions which occur in response to any given person or situation. That is the human-side of our self. Does this however mean that we must become what this human form expresses in that moment?

Would it not be more beneficial to become the totality of the moment? Eckhart Tolle felt something similar to this experience. He expressed this beautifully in his quote:

“Accept then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.”
– Eckhart Tolle

Best wishes to everyone


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