An Experience in Consciousness

This experience in consciousness is similar to something that happens to each of us; every moment. The key may be in how we develop our awareness to this consciousness. A person’s field of perception is important in each experience that occurs in each moment of existence. This is something that is at first difficult; but can be learned.

I initially had wanted to go into my kitchen to get two vitamin C tablets. A few minutes later I went to the kitchen for the tablets. I opened the bottle and was not in a state of awareness in that moment. Then I “only” took “one” tablet out of the bottle. I then started to put the lid back on the bottle top. I tilted the bottle slightly to put the top on it. A single tablet fell out of the bottle and landed on the table next to the first tablet I had taken from the bottle.

This may seem uneventful or without any significance to most people. You may even say “so what, it was just a coincident”. However I instantly could “feel” that this was the universal consciousness responding to my wish to take “two” vitamin C tablets. Now let’s break this down somewhat:

– I had a wish. I released this wish by using the Random Ideas and Images Generator R.I.I.G. (the mind). This is a term used by Alain Hubrecht from Facebook. This produced energy which stimulated my form consciousness
– The stimulated (energy charged) form consciousness automatically activated the portal to universal consciousness. Form consciousness is form based – universal consciousness is formless / unmanifested.
– The open portal to universal consciousness allowed this higher consciousness to supersede my form consciousness. The form consciousness is usually greatly manipulated and restricted by unawareness to the activities of the mind. The mind activities unfortunately dominate most of our behavior even when we “feel” that there is something more that is within our reach (consciously speaking).
– I was then reminded through universal consciousness that my wish had been to take two vitamin C tablets and not just one. It actually invited me to take the second tablet.
– This occurred as the second tablet fell out of the bottle. It landed next to the first tablet.


How this happens; each day it constantly happens to each of us, is a question that is part of the mystery of oneness (universal consciousness). There is a simple formula that we could consider. The mind generates a vibration (idea, wish, or desire R.I.I.G.). This vibration stimulates our form consciousness or visa-versa. I am really unclear what occurs within the mind and consciousness; it is similar to the question “what came first, the chicken or the egg?

It could be possible that the stimulated form consciousness then activates a portal to the field of absolute consciousness. This is where being grounded in conscious energy instead of only human form content is significant. This will allow acceptance of this universal consciousness flow. Active awareness and an altered perception will allow us to then see the gifts that universal consciousness has to offer. Altered perception indicates a state of existence which perhaps will first feel strange. This strange feeling is a result of the conditioned factors and behavior in our existence. Consciously stepping outside of these boundaries can be quite scary in the beginning.

We will only become the gifts that are truly ours to become. What we don’t become was never ours; this knowledge makes it easy to accept the now and let go. The first and second video links are very insightful concerning mind and consciousness. The first is from David Icke; great stuff. The second is form John Hagelin; very informative.

Best wishes to everybody


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