An Official Proclamation to You

This is an official proclamation from me to you. I am indifferent to who you are or what you have done; or will do. You see I have rediscovered the knowledge; you are not you, you are me.

I love each and every one of you. This is very clear now. It is fact. I have seen the true you; it is the me that is in you.

There is some of me in you and some of you in me. When I practice loving you it allows me to love me and you even more. I love the part of you that is me and I love the part of you that is you; for this is really me. This is true of me; it is true of you.

There is no ego, separation be gone.

When I become sad, frustrated or angry at you I am really experiencing these things in me, not in you; for you are me and I am you.

You do not decide for me what I will be; for in you there is me. It is always the me that will be.

This proclamation is a verification. It is to be clear to all. You can deny it, resist it or refuse it; this is all regardless to the now.

You may not like it. You may even wish to fight it; but this will not change what is now.

The confusion, resentment and often judgment comes in a moment when you forget that you are me and I am you.

This proclamation is a wake up call to all that are willing. The situation, person or thing in each moment is always you seeing yourself in it.

Heed not the mind. It is useful indeed but it will never understand this miracle of life; the you that is me and the me that is you.

This proclamation is to be shared with everyone that is you. The you that is in each person will know and one by one you will grow. This will expand; one by one, the me that is you.

There will then be a moment when you see only you; where ever you are, whatever you do.

You will have remembered, you will know…that in everything there is always you.

Best wishes


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