And the walls came crashing down

We experience life in a form existence filled with perpetual walls. There are not only walls of supposed physical content. There are also walls that consist of nothing more than mind induced ideas and images. Mentally constructed walls are surprisingly very durable and more difficult to surmount then the physical walls.


These mental walls have been firmly established in our existence. The walls even connect together. This gives the appearance of a virtual room. There are literally endless numbers of these mental rooms in our existence. The mentally constructed rooms offer many doors and windows. Alas most of us choose to stay within the boundaries of these well-established mental barriers. The reasons for this are many. Fear, ego and conditioned behavior are the most prevalent reasons for existing within a given mental room. We feel the possibilities beyond the walls. The doors and windows in such a room are there for us to use. The question is “why don’t we use them”. These doors and windows are the conscious portals in our mental thought processes.

Daily experiences contain subtle invitations for us to escape these rooms. A conscious door or window offers a way beyond the impairments and isolation of human mental wall frameworks. There are such opportunities happening continually. The mind and its mental thought game dominate the consciousness during most human experiences. The mind has manipulated the true self into conforming to its demands of restrictions, fears and suppression. It should be noted that in this case the “true self” is in reference to the image we have constructed. We think of the human consciousness as “true self”. This is also only a mind game. There is in essence really only the one true self. This does not really need to be defined as “self”. It is simply life. Life can not be restricted or suppress; other than when we choose to define it in this way.

Walls of the Mind

We are responsible for the establishment of these mental walls. We can also easily pulverize these walls with a single moment of true awareness. There is a type of energy frequency that manifests through life-forms. A higher state of consciousness indicates a higher frequency output. The frequency is pure until it is filtered through our mind’s thought and emotion content. The life energy frequency only appears to be contaminated by a mind that is not actually conscious. Consciousness in its totality can not be truly altered or contaminated by the influence of our mind; or can it?

There are different definitions that are used in describing the mind. There is the consciousness mind, the sub-conscious and the unconscious mind. We really don’t wish to discuss these in any detail. Everyone is basically familiar with each of the three. This is however where it gets interesting. If there is a “mind” needed to establish and develop consciousness, then where is the “mind” that has established universal consciousness / oneness? Could we be the very mind (personally and collectively) that has established consciousness in the universe? Or is it possible that every life-form with any degree of form consciousness is a co-creator of the universal consciousness dimension?

A more advanced development of species mind consciousness determines the frequency level input – output into the universe; the more conscious you are…the more conscious you will be.


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