Anticipation Is Making me Wait

A well known Heinz Ketchup commercial from the 1970s was broadcasted to illustrate human anticipation. The message, in this example, was basically suggesting that you will be rewarded for waiting. The Advertisement shows a person waiting for the slow pouring ketchup because the tasty tomato flavor is worth the wait. However this type of behavior appeared in human beings long before it was portrayed in this TV commercial. It is evident in many aspects of our experiences; even in the search for enlightenment.


I recently reflected on how anticipation affects our behavior and decision making. There are several theories about how this behavior affects us and why we react to it. Anticipation generates unnecessary behavior patterns such as desire and as a defense mechanism. Is it necessary to anticipating or expect a conscious awakening before a person can actually experience enlightenment? The answer must be no because we are already complete and enlightened as a divine being.

To become enlightened indicates that we are anticipating it. This should never become a reaction pattern but instead a response based on feeling the moment that is being observed. Thus it should be possible to go beyond just feeling it and a person will become more aware of the now. To anticipate anything is an attempt to experience an illusionary interpretation of what we desire or want. How do we practice not anticipating something and in the same moment generate energy based on living consciously?

Anticipation and Awareness

I should rephrase this question. I am sure that most people are familiar with the phrase Law of Attraction. This term is excessively used in topics relating to spirituality. It is considered a New Thought movement. However what happens to a person who is generating energy and this energy is being channeled incorrectly? Channeling this energy incorrectly indicates thought based behavior and not behavior based on living consciously. You might become what you want even if it is not what you want. Does that make sense?

The energy release in the anticipation of something may manifest something that you were not expecting. This is dependent upon your state of awareness to now. There is a fine line between anticipating and allowing in regards to living consciously. This is to say that we should practice desiring and also accept what manifests in our existence as being a result of this anticipation. However the key is to do both consciously because the person or thing that eventually manifests is not always what we had desired.

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