Are you “a life” or only an existence?


Hi everyone,

Does this sentence confuse you? “A life” is suggesting “are you (alive)” I juggled the two words to indicate that most of us are not really living from within life awareness. We have been overwrought by the human characteristics of our form. We “exist” in a dimension that we have superimposed onto the universe.

This human existence appears to have all the components of “life”; but does it really? The underlining fact is that nothing our human existence can offer will or can truly separate us from life. That is what we are in essence. But we do get confused and often easily forget what we are. This is why it is so important to realize the falseness of our existence. Did this last sentence strike a nerve? The human ego in us probably sounded a call to battle upon reading this sentence; our ego is quite silly indeed!

Whether we are able or willing to accept this is indifferent. Our existence; in context “life”, is primarily a lie. This is naturally open to discussion via interpretation. There are probably many people who are not willing or able to accept the truth behind what we have been enforcing unto our being. People and institutions claim to be based on and strongly oriented on “life” issues but again I ask “is this true?”. Religion and science are notorious for this behavior.

The world, we and the universe are based on our human form assumptions, beliefs and judgments. This is how we have been “existing” for many thousands of years. Does any of this or even the supposed “facts” of science have any valid credibility in the dimension of life? There are naturally practical uses for these things in our existence. But does any of it explain our excessive exploitation of life energy through form content structures? There is so much “space” surrounding us. We swim in the dimension of life; most people without every knowing how this truly feels. The burdens of form existence fling us from one assumption to another belief and on and on; always searching but never finding. How can we hope to find what we already have? How dare we demand to become what we “think” we must have?

It could be considered true that our existence is part of the oneness. There is however no separation between the two. The two are in essence not “two” but one. Applying our human consciousness derived energy to accept life unity may bridge the gap that we have imposed between our existence and life.

There are two quotes from Star Wars that seem appropriate for this article:

“You must unlearn what you have learned” Yoda: Star Wars
“Already know you, that which you need” Yoda: Star Wars

These offer truth and wisdom. Look inside yourself; then you will be looking from within everything else. This will eliminate any anxiety and fear over that which is not real.

Best wishes


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