Are you Seriously Serious?

The world of humankind appears to be so serious. We have established rigid assumptions concerning our existence, the universe and life. All of which seem so real and often very serious. We have adjusted our behavior according to guidelines, rules and laws. These patterns may have practical purposes but have restricted and manipulated our personal and collective conscious expansion; both being one and the same.


This has conditioned us to generally view our existence as a collection of very serious experiences. But isn’t this all about our state of awareness? We; as a living form with a self awareness, experience situations. It has been this way since the beginning of our species. The complexity of any given situation is a direct result of our mental development. The real “complexity” develops in any situation due to our interpretation of it. The interpretation derives from mental responses such as creativity and memory. Emotions and conditioning also play a major role in promoting complexity. The ego is fueled by these human characteristics. This imposes a sense of seriousness into situations that are simply “that which they are” in a given moment.

René Descartes wrote “I am thinking, therefore I exist. This appeared to be a major groundbreaking realization based on fact. Without any hesitation we can say that because we are self-conscious, we are aware of existing. I do not feel that human beings or any other form must know that it is “thinking” otherwise it would not exist. Rather this statement simply verifies that we as humans know that we both “think” and “exist”. The one has nothing to do with the other. Descartes insight is useful in reflecting on our existence.

Being so Serious about Being Serious

What we however wish to consider is the ramifications caused when we become involved actively with any given thought. Why do we often view a situation as being so serious? I wish to demonstrate using an example that each of us has probably experienced. You are in a hurry to pour a glass of milk and feel stressed because you need to go somewhere or you are watching a favorite program on the TV.

You start to pour the milk. Suddenly the glass tips over. The milk in the glass flows over the kitchen counter and the floor. Additionally you could not stop pouring the milk before some of it poured out of the milk carton onto the counter. I guess it would be appropriate to add the popular quote at this point that everyone has surely heard. “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” This suggests a simplistic (but logical) act of “being”. The very act of being there in that moment is enough.

Okay the milk has spilled; is it really that serious? There is more that can be shared concerning this topic area. It would be great if you would share your ideas and feelings about being too serious and the consequences of being so serious relating to what we experience.

Best wishes

P.S. This link discusses how to deal with toxic personalities in our daily experiences.
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