Assumptions of Life and Love

Life and love are very simplistic and pure. Life needs no validation through human assumptions or beliefs. Love can equally only be truly fulfilling when it is felt in its purity; without conceptual definition or restriction.

There is naturally a basic pattern of unity that derives from a species individual and collective development. This does not however explain how we feel what a plant feels or what an animal feels. There are two factors to consider in the discussion of empathy. The first factor; as the first definition of empathy states, is a state of imaginative projection. This is naturally possible for a species such as our own. This may result from the developed field of human creative intelligence and our emotions. We place our definitions of behavior and emotions on objects and other living forms to explain it for our own purposes. The second factor is however very significant. This is the field of oneness. This is much more than just projecting a subjective state of being into another form; animate or inanimate.


This second factor consists of life oneness. This life oneness is a fact that religion or science will generally agree on; each in its own unique manner. Life oneness is usually dubbed with the word “love”. Religion and science also confirm this; using methods of conceptual thinking to validate it.

Assumptions, Anxiety and Fear

Assumptions have a way of distorting the simplicity of life. The need to validate everything causes the truth of life and love to be misconstrued. The acceptance of both life and love often remains just out of our reach. This is caused through the act of human defining, interpreting and judging. We are afraid of love. We wish it, we want it, but we fear it. This reflects outward into the universe. This anxiety and often fear is usually always present in the background of our activities. This holds true for our life existence. We love life, but yet we are consumed by the assumptions and misgivings that we have used to label what life represents to us.

We cherish love more than any other emotional concept established by humankind, yet deep down we fear it so terribly.

Why do we fear it so? Think about this for a moment. Why do we fear so many things? Love, disappointment, joy, sorrow; the list is long. This is one of many human species legacies. These are our evolved, conditioned responses to the activities in our existence. I do not wish to say “activities in our life” because this statement has no validity. That is one reason why we become so confused. These four words “activities in our life” are blemished with misinterpretations, judgments and assumptions. These four words are only usable for practical purposes in our existence.

This is fine when we know this and don’t place too much significance on them. The focus point of our existence is usually “me”. We talk about caring for others; we do indeed care about so many things. Important is how we truly feel about ourselves, others and really anything that you may experience in your existence. I wish to say that we know the truth of life. This is equally so for love. Although love is a stimulus based on form content, it has significant importance relative to the processing of universal intelligence / energy. We and all life-forms are contributing to universal oneness. This also happens when any life-form produces stimuli based on vibrations of real love. Life forms with a less developed consciousness (according to our interpretations) function primarily from a level of life / love consciousness.

Assumptions Restrict Living Consciously

Thus feeling life from a one to one basis (localized consciousness and life consciousness) is very natural for less consciously developed life forms. This holds true for behavior and reactions that we have labeled as love in other life forms. The development of other factors: intelligence, emotions and the corresponding behavior and reactions are tightly intertwined with the given species conscious development. The more “conscious” a species becomes; the more complicated its existence experiences become.

Human beings are at the top of the evolutionary chain in complexity. The assumptions, interpretations and usage of our species genetically evolved characteristics are laced with complexity. This is only due to one reason; a lack of true life awareness. We have discussed this before. It can not be emphasized enough. Simplicity of love and life begin and can thrive within conscious life awareness. Love is beautiful when we remain in the dimension of life not obscured by our assumptions and interpretation of what we “think”. Life is life. It is a simplicity that interweaves everything.


Best wishes

P.S. The video from Alan Watts is very helpful as a sign post for reflecting on life.


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