Automatic Random Output

The title “Automatic Random Output” suggests that we are going to discuss computer calculations. Automatic random output is a proper description for our mind activities. A person is often fooled into accepting the mind behavioral patterns as necessary. We relate to the flow of mind output similarly to the behavior of a laboratory mouse and we are encouraged by our content existence.


We are offered some tidbit of information from the mind. The human consciousness; when unaware, will attach to a random mind / thought or emotion. We often remain unaware of life most of our existence. The mind continues to generate and regenerate thoughts and emotions. This confuses and numbs our human form consciousness. 

This article continues our discussion about “Does Awareness of Consciousness = Freedom” part one and two.

Most thoughts and emotions are of no significance, consciously speaking, to any situation in any given moment. This may sound inaccurate but consider any given situation. It is true that experience is a good teacher; but when should a person let go of what he or she has been conditioned to do? When should we consider altering a response or behavior pattern? Should we question what we have been taught to belief?

Do you feel the mind responding to these questions? It is being activated by mechanisms of emotions and conditioning. The mind activates a signal that ripples through the memories of you, your father, and your fathers’ father. It is signaling that these questions are dangerous. The mind is telling you that these questions are unethical, anti-religious and nurture retaliation. The human form consciousness; on the other hand, remains docile. This level of consciousness; which is truly the one universal consciousness, will not demand or even try to dominate our existence. The universal consciousness is our true “existence” our “being”. Instead it remains as it is; unchanged. It begins to actively circulate when the seer has accepted life consciousness over mind existence content.


How would a situation alter if a person would respond from a field of unconditioned awareness? Generally we react exactly the oppositely. We usually respond according to long-standing judgments, beliefs and assumptions.

Random Thoughts be Gone!

These old thoughts and emotions are like excess baggage. This baggage is unwanted and unneeded. Unfortunately this baggage contains items that we just can’t or don’t want to release. The mind continues to dish out more and more thoughts, emotions and responses. This will continue until our state of awareness deviates life energy from object content to conscious “being”. Our form consciousness appears separate from universal consciousness; but this is only a mind game. This “game” that the mind plays with our form consciousness is perhaps the one most detrimental tool the mind uses to keep our consciousness a prisoner.

The process of awareness to the actuality of existing in partnership with life (universal consciousness) is the key to “freedom”. The “mind” creates conditions, thoughts and emotions to cloud the simplicity of freedom in our existence. It has been playing this vicious game for millenniums. It does anything and everything to keep us from the acceptance of life dimension awareness. Freedom in reference to cooperative existence with life consciousness begins with the acceptance of both “form existence / form consciousness” and life oneness or spirituality.

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