Avoid the Inner and Outer Mind Monsters

The so-called mind monsters that were discussed in the recent article “Monsters, Monster Everyone” are always a part of our human existence. These monsters are nothing more than conditioned mental / emotional behavior. Everyone is conditioned in one way or another, everyone has thoughts and everybody has feelings. All object are experiencing the manifestation of life energy / universal consciousness. Therefore it is acceptable to say that we are experiencing this life energy through manipulations and restrictions caused by our form existence mental / emotional behavior. This energy is influenced by localized brain energy activities (thoughts / emotions). Now let’s consider the question about how to avoid the monsters (them or it) that come from other people and the monsters within each of us.


They can be avoided by “not” avoiding them. Avoiding thoughts and emotions is not is not even really possible. How would a person avoid the nature evolutionary processes of our species? We can’t. Thinking and feeling is a part of any life-forms existence. The conditioned reactions to others and the conditioned responses that come from our own conditioning is however, something completely different.

We can radically change how we see any person, situation or ourselves through more awareness to the mind’s games, the programmed feelings and existence conditioning as a whole.

Any attempt to avoid what is there in any situation is a mind game concept pattern. Running (mentally or physically) from anything that is happening in any given moment is a repetitive conditioned game of the mind. Human beings excel in typically wanting to avoid something or run from when it. I had been reflecting on this article as I was outside yesterday. I saw a leaf fall from a tree overhead. Then a second, a third and many more started to fall. It is autumn and that is what leaves do; they fall from trees. I focused on a particular leaf as it soared to earth. Lets us this leaf as an example for our discussion.

Any given person may not want the leaf to fall; but it will, because that is the nature order of things. A person can mentally project the demand (leaf don’t fall) but the leaf will fall. Now imagine being unwilling to accept that any or every leaf on any particular tree are now falling in this moment.

You can turn your back to the tree. You will no longer see that particular tree, but you will see another tree also losing its leaves. You can be distracted by any other number of things that will temporarily alter you focus of attention from the leaves to that particular new thought. The leaves will continue to fall. Avoiding the knowledge that a leaf is falling can be attempted but the result is only temporary.

Human beings will continue to have mind thoughts that we occasionally focus our attention on. We will continue to have emotional reactions to our own mind, other people and situations. What do we do about something that is happening? We accept it and allow it to just be what it is in that moment. Being aware of the monster “it” is enough in any moment. A shift in the mental pattern of perception will allow more acceptance of universal consciousness and eventually eliminate most mental manipulation and restrictions caused by these so-called monsters of the mind.

Best wishes

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