Awakening to the presence of life can be difficult; for many people it may never happen. We are told that there is a human path that each must find and follow. People are education (conformed) through family and society to adhere to this understanding of life. We are shown through example that a path exists for each of us. This assumption is based on mind imagination. It is a construction of our conditioned behavior and ego. Both of these two areas of our existence demand the acceptance of a reality that does not exist. Life contains nothing and everything. Our human form experiences provide the content; which at most are relative to life. However this form existence holds us firmly in its grasp.


Awakening to other perspectives relating to life energy / life consciousness is next to impossible for many people. The first step; however small, is imperative for true human consciousness development. We must only release ourselves and experience it. What is “it”? It is everything without the mask of human mind thoughts and emotions. The awakening or awareness to life energy vibration will then continue naturally. This involves accepting it for what it is and not what we think it is.

It is essential for our species to awaken to the potentials within this statement. We determine the content of our existence though our awareness. It is equally our choice to determine what we do with this human existence. We have naively given this choice to a deity, or deities, science and or religion. Science has its own specific definitions and interpretations of life. Science is no better or worse than religion it has gladly chosen to explain who you are through scientific variables. We will never know who we are by using scientific devices or religious deities to explain the unexplainable. The question “Who am I?” is irrelevant. Life is absolute thus we are absolute.

What we however do with this unexplainable dimension called life is our choice. Eventually we may discover peace where we once thought there was nothing but chaos. This occurs when we stop assuming that the dimension of life must be filled with religion, science or any other human content. The human mind does not equal consciousness. Consciousness is used by the mind. This allows the mind to expand and create. Our species level of self-consciousness is a gift for the mind. The mind has forgotten this fact. The human mind manipulation of consciousness is not actually productive for our species development.

Awakening Involves Stepping Beyond the Mind

Creations of the mind are also not necessarily creations of consciousness. Mind creations are often the exact contrary. The developed human mind endorsed the likelihood of species self-conscious awakening. The actual awakening of human consciousness coincided with the level of our mind development. The time period when humans reached a higher level of self-awareness would be very difficult to determine. We definitely have had a species oriented level of awareness throughout our evolution.

Then came a period of rapid awaken and development of our consciousness. It was during and unto this period of rapid awakening that we experienced life more intensely and without questioning it. The mind with its functions and facilities often constricted the growth of our awakened consciousness. It has done so since the dawning of human consciousness. The mind and its demanding nature eventually gained domination of our species development. The brain has taken control of our form consciousness, thus inhibiting a true unity with the universal intelligence. The human mind has manipulated our species. We have forgotten how to do the one thing that would normally be the most natural and simplest.

We have forgotten how to simply “be”.

P.S. The above text is an excerpt from my book “One Moment in Life”

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