Awareness is the Key

Can there be any purpose for our existence that is more divine than being a vessel for life…for consciousness? We can still partake in the activities of human existence without needing to become overwhelmed or lost in this temporary human experience. The human form is the portal by which life is manifested; through which consciousness can become aware of itself. Simple awareness is enough to start a shift in our perception of our existence, life and consciousness. Thus consciousness offers a dimension of absolute nothingness and the potential for everything.


The excerpt below is from my first book “One Moment in Life”. The following is from chapter two “The Path”:

We experience awareness on a very docile level, with intermediate bursts of more intensive awareness. Would it be possible to adjust this field of awareness? Then we may experience our human existence with a gratifying stillness. Becoming more aware would allow us to accept what life can do for our human form. We may then conclude that finding a path in life is not truly in our hands. It is not a function of life, nor is it necessary for being human. We can still function and achieve so much without being possessed by thoughts over the need to find a path or purpose in life. You are already fulfilling a purpose.

You are a manifestation of life. I truly don’t feel that we can achieve anything higher.

We seen determined to use a large amount of life energy for finding and staying on a path in our human existence. We are told from the time of childhood that this is important and must be done and receive feedback and direction from family, peers, and society. Everyone tells us how important it is to find a path. It is even better when we can convince ourselves that a given path is right for us. The media, government, and even areas of science and medicine tell us that we are only productive and good when we are continuously working on finding a path in our human life. This path will supposedly give our human life a purpose.

Life Awareness

It seems impossible to comprehend that our purpose or path in this human existence is not in fact determined by a selected or predetermined thought or idea that our parents, peers, or society want us to accept. The direction of our existence is not even truly set or determined by the human being that we are now. Not even the universal oneness has determined a path for us. I feel that this human life experience is a partnership between our human consciousness and the universal intelligence. I do not wish to convey the idea that our path in life is decided by fate, the stars, or any such factor. We use such factors far too often to explain or justify something that we cannot understand. We have an unquenchable need to understand and explain our existence.

That’s why these ideas and objects are used to explain our human destiny. Human beings easily accept explanations such as fate, the stars, or even our genetics to explain our human life. Unfortunately, these explanations do not give us true satisfaction. We cannot prove most of these things one way or the other. These explanations leave us shrugging our shoulders and still not really understanding life.

I would be very interested in your feedback concerning the above. This will help me in the development of further book projects that I have planned.

Best wishes

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