Awareness within a Unified Field of totality

Awareness of this unified field of totality could change everything. We spend most of our life running in circles, demanding and expecting so much from ourselves, the world, and even the universe. However the universe is constantly giving us whatever we need. It can fulfill our desires and wishes with the gifts it has for us; but conscious awareness is beneficial in realizing that you are co-creating everything you experience. Human conditioning; among other factors is unknowingly causing a complete misconception of all that the universe has to offer us. This occurs because we are not usually truly aware.

There are possibilities with this unified field that remain hidden to most of us. This energy field that is always present. This field is the source of life. We are no longer tuned into this energy field’s frequency. There is a true harmony that can be found in this frequency vibration.

We spend our lives constantly flipping through different channels; the channels representing our human existence activities as well as conditioned thought patterns.

There are moments when we experience a strange feeling of lightness or freedom. This happens when the level of awareness is just right. There are moments when our channel flipping stops and allows us to be conscious of this universal energy field. This is more than just being conscious of this field in a superficial, human way. There are moments when we can actually reunite with the oneness in this universe.

Field of Expanding Awareness

This is the frequency of life. It is everywhere and everything. It is truly universal.
So why can’t we adjust or tune into this frequency? It is similar to a radio frequency that can’t be fine-tuned. We know this universal frequency is there. Furthermore we still know the exact location of this frequency in the far reaches beyond our human consciousness. We have unknowingly conditioned ourselves to accept the other frequencies in our human life to be a true reality.

The problem is that we don’t seem to find true lasting fulfillment within the other frequencies. Acceptance of the moment is usually short-lived. There seems to always be distractions surrounding us. In such moments of dissatisfaction, we start flipping through the channels again. Then, from time to time, something wonderful happens. The true universal frequency is obtained. We occasionally experience a brief moment of stillness. The energy vibration is faint, but can be clearly felt. Then it grows more intense. This is when we are fully attuned to this marvelous unified field of totality.
We have become aware.

P.S. The two video links offer insight into the unified field of life. Dr. John Hagelin touches on consciousness, the self, the universe and life.


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