Baggage Check-In: Thoughts, Emotions and the Ego

Have you every stood in a baggage check-in line at the airport? You have carefully considered and packed your baggage according to the trip itinerary. Impatiently you stand in the line and mentally evaluate your decision to pack two larger suitcases and one smaller carry on backpack. You hear the mind practically shouting at you to reconsider your decisions about what is in your baggage. This is more or less what happens every moment of your existence in every situation.

The only difference between the airport check in line and daily human experiences is that you do not have the physical baggage to carry. However the mental baggage weights considerably more then the suitcases or bags that you tote with you to the airport.

The largest mental baggage is mind thoughts. The second psychological suitcase is your emotions and the heavily overstuffed flight carry on backpack is the ego. This is what each person unknowingly carries around with him or her constantly. This mental baggage process is very similar to the preflight packing procedure and suitcase check in at the airport. This is happening in every instant of our existence.

These three mind-made belongings are filled with personal and collective mental collections of our species existence. The three pieces of baggage seem to have a mind of their own. The mind thoughts wish to claim priority in your action and reaction to a situation. The emotions nudge at you, insisting that they should be considered first in any situation. The ego remains steadfast reminding you that it is always there (on your back) and has everything that you may need, regardless of the two other mental suitcases.

Baggage of the Mind

Wow, that is the dilemma that occurs in each moment of unawareness. There are three mental bags that demand priority in the baggage check in line during any situation. Do you recall the anxiety that you often had during preflight packing or check in? Well this is exactly what happens to your consciousness in each moment when thoughts, emotions or the ego try to dominate your behavior.

It sounds rather scary when we look at it in this way. This is because we can intrinsically sense that this is an accurate analogue of what we experience every moment in our existence. The baggage of the mind demands supremacy and attempts to undermine active awareness to consciousness in every situation.

There is a shift in our perspective happening more and more on a regular basis. Awareness is allowing us to go beyond the mind during daily activities as they occur. This is very essential for life-form conscious expansion. The mind will continue to provide us with thoughts and emotions during our experiences but they will not be able to dominate the momentary situation. This simple shift will automatically dissolve the egos insistence to control. We will experience more and more harmony between the baggage of the mind and consciousness.

Best wishes to everyone



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