Bench by the Pond

There are many experiences in our existence that offer a portal to conscious enlightenment. The mind often labels our daily activities as good or bad. However, this type of labeling has no meaning in regard to your state of presence. This is true whether you are sitting on a bench or climbing a mountain.


The mind will tell you that there is a difference but this is due to conditioned behavior factors. Nevertheless, every situation provides an opportunity to consciously enter the dimension of life energy. This field is sometimes called space or universal consciousness because it has the potential to become conscious of itself through you.  It is fascinating to observe anything from this conscious state of being. Everything will seem to change, although, the only change is in your state of awareness. I am grateful for each person that I meet. Every individual gives you a chance to see yourself and also what is beyond our physical properties. These encounters are an open invitation to become present and to experience the self at a level of oneness.

I have observed one such person who is becoming more and more aware of consciousness. Moreover she is realizing how this state of presence offers more stillness and peace in daily situation. I wish to dedicate this poem to her and to thank her for sharing with me during the process of conscious awakening. I have seen myself in her and thus have learned and grown, consciously, through our interactions.

A Bench by the Pond

I often sit on a bench near a pond.
It is here that I feel a natural bond.
Yonder is a swan gliding gracefully.
There along the shore are frogs at play.
Splashing here and there, not to mention, loudly croaking.
This vibrant sound is to be heard all around.

The trees sway gentle; touched by a breeze.
Then the water is likewise rippled by the wind.
The light air soothingly caresses my face.
This is, ultimately, true bliss.

When did I first visit this pond?
Then and tomorrow will always be gone.
However the memory of that day is somehow still clear
It is the here and now that I hold so dearly.
It seems I came here by chance; but who can say.
Our path in life changes day by day.

There before me; the pond and a bench.
This was indeed an unexpected treasure.
The water sparkled like diamonds.
It enticed me to come closer.
My desire was and is to stay.

Since then I sit here on this bench each day.
The trees and the birds summon me.
It is there by the pond that I feel free.
There are many flowers and bees.
There is magic dawn to dusk here by the pond.
But, after all, is this not true for all that we do.
Each season of the year brings a new delight.

I no longer see the world around me so clearly.
Much has changed since I first came this way.
My eyesight has faded; the vision has blurred.
However, somehow I see everything clearer.
I know who I am in this moment called now.
The loss of my sight has given me perspective.

It had first seemed that I lost so much.
However I thus remembered the truth.
I know now of the beauty of life.
Moreover there is love everywhere.
This can always be experience because it is in me.
It is here that I come to remember what I have always known.
Here I sit on a bench in a universe all my own.
However, I am never alone.

Best wishes


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