Blissful Conscious Enlightenment

Many people wish to reach life or spiritual enlightenment. We interpret this as something that will give us peace and happiness. However must you feel good or must everything be blissful before you can experience enlightenment? This is unlikely because a universe of objects is not permanent. There will always be changes occurring that can cause confusion and discomfort on the level of a life-form.


Enlightenment regarding living consciously does not necessarily become obvious only when we are blissful and without worry. The relationship with yourself, this moment, the universe and life contribute to consciously experiencing life or not. You decide and accept enlightenment or not.

Therefore it will be very difficult to know that you are enlightened if you are not willing to feel or experience a situation as a human being and then go beyond these limitations. The mind has conditioned us to react to our experiences but we usually do not accept or respond to them. It has also painted us a picture whereby enlightenment represents a blissful existence.

Blissful Awareness of Life

Recognizing and acknowledging what is beyond mind limitations can then actually be experienced as a blissful moment but blissfulness is not a prerequisite to enlightenment. There will be constant disorder and inconsistency in the experiences of a life-form. Therefore we can say that it is normal to experience good or bad and right or wrong but strictly on the level of object existence.

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.
– Paul Coelho

You will experience a direct portal to enlightenment through awareness to consciousness and by knowing that this is the essence of life. This can and will become evident regardless whether you are blissful or not. The acceptance of your true relationship with universal consciousness will free you from the burden of searching for enlightenment. Furthermore with practice you will stop listening to the mind tell you that becoming enlightened means you will instantly be blissful.

A state of object release or blissfulness will therefore be inevitable as you become aware of awareness to life and the acceptance of this moment. You will return home.

Best wishes

P.S. This link shares insight from Deepak Chopra about bliss and enlightenment.
Psychology Today


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