Self-Dissatisfaction: Just Let Go

Everyone is familiar with how it feels to be dissatisfied. However, could it be that the root of this phenomenon is self-dissatisfaction? Is there a difference between these conditioned states of being? We can establish that they seem to be relatively different. Nevertheless, there is ultimately no differentiation. Yet self-dissatisfaction is a core issue that […]

Deceit: The Mask We Wear

It has often been said that we wear many masks during our spiritual incarnation as a human being. There are probably many scientific, behavioral and moral ramifications used in attempts to clarify this phenomenon. However let’s not be consumed by mind details. In other words, we are literally wearing a mask of deceit. Nevertheless, the […]

Riding the Wave of Life

Have you ever been surfing? It is often compared to riding a wave in life. This, in itself, is enough to cause the mind to see life as an obstacle to overcome. Therefore the analogy is consistent and acceptable as a concept. However this comparison is usually based strictly on thoughts and emotions. This does […]