Slow down: Take It Easy

Have you experienced a moment when you felt that it would never end? We consider this to be something that happens totally by chance. Furthermore it is often assumed that we have no significant influence on any particular instance. However when observed from a level of conscious awareness it is possible to understand that any […]

Divine Presence or Servitude?

Are you still searching for enlightenment? Why look for something that you have already? The acknowledgement, structure and outcome of each moment are based on each person’s state of actual awareness. Every person can experience divine presence, moreover it is there whether we are aware of it or not. Awareness to it allows it to manifest […]

Mind Astray: Awaken to Now

More awareness to the oneness of life allows our consciousness to thrive. This is the same as saying that we become increasingly aware of awareness and thus the totality of consciousness. Universal life consciousness can then work hand in hand with our object consciousness and the mind. The mind, with all our characteristics can and […]