Flowers or Daggers: You Decide

Words are one method by which we communicate. additionally, we are usually experiencing everything in a mind-oriented subconscious state of existence. We are, furthermore, unconsciously behaving and reacting without realizing that we are attracting and releasing energy. These vibrating frequencies ripple out touching and influencing more than we can perhaps imagine. Therefore, it is accurate […]

Co-creating all Experiences

I wish to share a personal experience with you relating to co-creating experiences. I had various obligations the other day in the form of appointments. Correspondingly, I also needed to travel to the next city via subway train to attend one appointment. I recall focusing energy on canceling this meeting but then decided to just […]

Live to Live and Be Alive

You live and then you cease to live. This is the simplicity of object existence. Therefore, we can say that you are now alive. This seems logical and plausible. It is everything in a nutshell. Then why do we have such difficulty accepting and truly experiencing life? You will experience happiness, sadness, sickness and death. […]

Tangled Web that We Weave

Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. The poem “Marion” by Sir Walter Scott and moreover this quote can be helpful in the awakening of human consciousness when we consider our relationship with the mind. Our conversation today is related to this insight from Sir Walter Scott. However, we […]

Sanctuary of Life: Enjoy Your Stay

Have you become aware of something blissfully mysterious that seems to be beyond mind and body? However, has this deeper awareness resulted in your mind searching even more frantically for the source of this harmonious bliss? Well, look no further because you are dwelling within the sanctuary of life. Furthermore, it can manifest synchronization between […]

Pattern of Confusion

When does something become a routine and when does this routine become a behavioral pattern? This happens when a way of acting recurs in a situation. This can be a reaction to a person, a thing or even our own mind. Operant conditioning is the cause of this behavior. It is similar to classical conditioning […]

Forgive Yourself Now

Do you often feel that there is too much expected of you? You are probably right, leastwise, at the level of our human existence. Everyone wants, even demands, something from you. Furthermore, you probably expect too much of yourself and are very unforgiving when someone tells you that you are not good enough. However, you […]

Laugh: Everything Is Fine

Most people are familiar with mottoes such as “Laugh and the world laughs with you” or “Laughter is the best medicine”. The mind will tell you a different story and insist that there are worries, problems and fears. However, do not take your thoughts too seriously. More and more people are awakening to this realization. […]

Bridge to Forever

Have you recently walked or driven on a bridge? We use bridges in many of our daily activities and for various reasons. Likewise, this can represent a helpful sign post during the conscious awakening process. A bridge is often a meeting place for people. It is also used as a relaxing sanctuary. Here a person […]