Cry a Tear While Loving Life

I have written this poem in dedication to the love between a woman and her child. it is written from the mother’s perspective. She and her daughter will soon be experiencing many abrupt changes. There are always memories involved in all experiences. The person I am written about is undergoing a transition that could prove to be very difficult if the memories can not be seen as a remembrance of given moments that have pasted. However these memories are images of the mind. They are only a real as a person chooses to allow. Therefore emotions occur that can cause a person to smile, laugh or cry a tear.

cry […]

Belief: Believing or Simply Being

Having a belief or believing in something may not really have a substantial significance in life. It seems to take on such significance and meaning in our human existence only when viewed from the perspective of being a human. This, however, does not seem to validate it as being necessary. Life does not need to believe. Life is entirely indifferent to believing or not believing. Traditional thinking tells us that you must first believe in something, and then you must have faith in it, before it will happen or be given to you. However, believing in a belief does not validate its authenticity.

Furthermore, we have been conditioned to accept this type of behavior as the one and only path to be used when wishing for something to manifest. It does seem that we can associate better with the term believing when it is used strictly in human context. We have been conditioned to accept that a belief, or at less believing in something, is necessary before we can receive it.

The patterns of conditioned unconscious mind behavior only cause us to remain in a repetitious living cycle. We are basically taught to believe blindly in a belief; regardless of its nature; although still influenced by personal and collective motivations. Nevertheless, the importance of believing is to be found in how we tune into the oneness of life. The act of believing is not really necessary. It is one of many concepts that do not benefit the expansion of object consciousness. […]

Emotions and Thoughts Running Wild

I am going to take you with me on a journey of conscious awakening during a typical experience. Moreover this example could be any situation that occurs when we are unaware. The mind’s thoughts and emotions have a tendency to dominate over living in a state of presence.


This is an experience whereby the mind will react very radical and emotional through thoughts and emotions. This happens simply because we usually are not aware enough to sense what it is doing. It is instantly possible to go beyond this conditioned behavior if we become aware of it. The following text is a dialogue that I had with myself during one particular experience as I became very aware of what was unfolding. I sensed that this self-dialogue took place beyond the barriers of the mind. Therefore it may first seem abstract to you as the reader and I would suggest reading it once and then look inside yourself to determine if it is the mind that is reading the article or is it the self from a state of presence. Then read it again.

Any given circumstance will seem very difficult if you react to the mind instead of responding to life and change. Please remember that change is the one true constant in the universe. Simply practice observing the mind (thoughts and emotions) and accepting them. They are nothing but repetitive conditioned reactions to situations that are somewhat similar from the level of human existence. You will find stillness within yourself when you allow thoughts and emotions to just be. Do not use any unneeded energy (object and universal) to support what the mind offers you. […]

Manifestation of Life: Discover Your Essence

Life itself is already doing everything for us without the need for intervention. Furthermore we can co-create with life and the manifestation of things in our existence. The manifestation of life that flows through all objects does not prescribe a path to follow. Moreover it did not plan for us to make guidelines to follow in the search for freedom from the mind. Life energy can be observed consciously by objects that have reached a given state of consciousness.

Whether a person remains consciously awake or allows the mind to dominate is decided solely by each person. Our practice is to find the balance between being a human and living consciously in harmony with life. This suggests not putting demands on life, thus not putting demands on ourselves and the universe. Learning to live with life, we can then understanding our place in it as a human. Furthermore we will realize that life flows through us. Likewise we are a part of it and essentially we are it. This will lead to acceptance, which will allow more possibilities to manifest in our existence.

The mind has a tendency to induce duality in our existence. However we have never actually been separated from the source of life, the point of origin. The essence of this energy could also be called home. The birth of each person signifies a false journey that supposedly will return us home. We have never really been traveling on any type of journey. The idea of a specific path or purpose in life overshadows our existence. However we have always been home and have always been one. […]

Tomorrow but Never Today

We are always running after something and we hurry through this human existence. Thereupon we believe that tomorrow will bring peace, but never today. We are always looking to some fictitious time to fulfill all of our expectations. This is the same as chasing after enlightenment and always believing it will come someday, but never today.


Meanwhile, we are so possessed with the next moment that we are seldom able to comprehend the now of this moment. We are living only for the next moment in most of our daily activities; which include the aspects of our thought patterns. This is because we are always anticipating tomorrow. We are anxious about a fictitious future that will never truly happen.

There are also many situations when our behavior is based on something that occurred in a past moment. However, this situation no longer exists except in the mind. We are plagued by thoughts about the past and visions of tomorrow, next week or next year. I recently had the opportunity to consciously observe myself during a situation. […]

Reach Out: Touch Everything Consciously

Does this sound impossible? The mind will tell you yes, it is impossible to reach out and share on a conscious level. However it is becoming very obvious that consciousness is not something that comes into existence expands and then fades away. Rather consciousness is a constant that is beyond mind, space and time.

Therefore we and all objects are always sharing a conscious bond that has nothing to do with a life-forms characteristics or existence. However the ability to experience this does seem to be dependent upon an objects state of self-consciousness. This is why awareness to being conscious gives us the opportunity to realize the extent of this flowing energy. Thus we can literally reach out and communicate at this level. […]

Realize Life: Let Go: Live Now

Life energy is vibrating through everything in every moment. There are perhaps countless frequencies within this dimension. Although it is usually not possible for us to realize how they influence us and how we can influence them. This is because the mind can not truly understand or define the mystery of life; nor should it try.


However it does and the result is a static field of energy emulating from the mind. This frequency or frequencies can be very restrictive to the expansion of consciousness. Moreover it is very difficult to realize that this energy is constantly flowing when a person is in a state of unawareness. Furthermore we are accustomed to following the mind as it constructs a reality from thoughts and emotions. […]

Embrace Everything: Become Everything

The word embrace offers a spiritual portal when applied to understanding our existence and life. Moreover it is a useful signpost when practicing living consciously. We have often shared ideas and insights during our discussions about not taking words too seriously or anything else for that matter. Embrace, as a word, is ideal to consider spiritually because it has the potential to cradle everything in a field of enlightenment.

This is a practical key to unlock mind obstructions during our experiences at the level of being and beyond. We have become a species that is anxious and fearful relating to many aspects of our daily activities. This anxiety is often masked over with superficial and short-term distractions. However there is often a lack of genuine stillness from within.

This reflects outward and usually affects our interaction with other people and things in a non-accepting manner. I was recently inspired to use the word embrace as a mantra in the background of my activities. I have practiced this during the last few days. It has been surprising to observe how my state of conscious awareness as benefited from this exercise. […]

Rule of Engagement: Living Consciously

The article title is solely used as a point of emphasis for our discussion. However there are many people who function on a day to day basis by using a rule or rules of engagement. These rules are used in situations relating to our own behavior, other people and any given interaction every moment. It is essential to go beyond mind established patterns to create a possible spiritual foundation for you to live consciously in harmony with yourself, the universe and life.


It seems that we are confronted with people and situation that are always changing and thus impossible to understand. The first question to ask is why must a person understand another person or situation? This is followed by the mind reacting to any confrontation because a person is basically not able or willing to accept change due to a need to understand. […]

Object Space Occupation

This almost sounds like the title for a science fiction thriller. However we wish to focus on how an object influences the realm of unmanifested as well as manifested space. Everything tangible occupies space; at least this is how we interpret it through sensory perception.

This is relatively indisputable according to the structures of the mind. However we are becoming more and more aware that balance with life and enlightenment are experienced beyond human object mind intelligence.

A beneficial key in understanding our influence on life and ultimately universal consciousness is energy. Every object is either transfer energy, producing its own or both simultaneously. The latter is usually true but may vary in intensity relating to the objects size and level of mental and conscious evolution. […]

Resistance is Useless

Star Trek TV shows and movies have shown us an alien race that assimilates other life-forms into their collective group. The aliens are called Borg and are best know by the following sentences. We are Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.


I was meditating outside the other day and became aware of the mind interjecting thoughts into the nothingness of unmanifested energy that can be experienced during meditation. These thoughts darted back and forth similar to ping pong balls bouncing around. Thereupon I would unconsciously concentrate on the content of each thought. The mind activity that I experienced resulted from resistance to sound and movement. There was a plane, a bird chirping, a person talking etc. in my immediate surroundings.

There was always a degree of resistance that occurred as each thought appeared. It was very distracting because I had been focusing on content of the mind and not the energy. However it became clear that I should focus solely on the energy itself instead of the mind content. What I consciously observed was very beneficial in letting go of both thoughts and emotions relating to any frustration I was experiencing. […]

Complexity vs. Simplicity: Choose Now

The complexity of our behavior in such areas as beliefs or belief structures is astounding. This has resulted in our evolutionary patterns have established an existence truly based on a separation from life. There are three characteristics of human development: emotions, ego, and mind-conditioning that promote separation. Human creativity and intelligence have the capacity to Read more about Complexity vs. Simplicity: Choose Now[…]

Bucket of Life Overflowing

I recently became very aware of the water bucket I use for cleaning purposes. It actually felt as if I was the pail during this awareness to conscious unification. This has surely also happened to you. Most likely during a moment as you became very conscious of what is beyond the details of mind and body. It is beneficial for practicing conscious living to realize that this feeling of unity and tranquility is not something that you did or made.


Rather it is a simple realization and recognition of something that has a different vibrating frequency than thoughts, emotions or ego. I have used this same bucket over the last 25 years. I realized, through this small container, that simplicity is helpful in experiencing a conscious state of existence but not necessary.

Now please observe something in you immediate surroundings, preferably something in nature such as a stone or tree. The water bucket had awakened my awareness to the fact that things never truly change and yet they do. I will attempt to explain this more clearly. A rock, tree or this pail appear to have different spans of tangibility and seem to change in form or content for this reason. […]

Wildfire Before Divine Realization

Have you ever observed a wildfire burning in a field or forest? It usually starts with a single spark and rapidly spreads out engulfing everything within its path. This is very similar to what can happen when thoughts, emotions and the ego are not actively observed.

Furthermore this can consume all awareness to the present moment due to the intensive mind energy surrounding a particular thought or feeling. You may be enjoying an experience and suddenly the mind sets off a spark of thoughts that ignite a wildfire. What happened? A moment ago (clock time) you felt balanced and in harmony with the universe around you and life. Now you are agitated and confused without even really knowing why.

You may think that your lack of awareness is because of traffic, the boss or a baby crying but what you think is not necessarily based on what you are experiencing; rather on how you are experiencing it. This is in reference to whether you are living from the mind or living consciously. […]

Plant Awareness

I had an enlightening experience with the plant in my apartment this morning. It was blissful. It began as I started to shake its long vines to remove dried up leaves. Forthwith I cleaned and cultivated the earth around the plant. This is when I consciously sensed something magnificent.


The plant and I had consciously united through what I refer to as a conscious melting between two or more objects. This union is notably difficult to express in words. It is because the mind insists that there is a self (object) consciousness and a deeper universal consciousness. However it is very likely that what the mind defines as duality is actually misinterpreted and too quickly labeled falsely. […]