Pattern of Confusion

When does something become a routine and when does this routine become a behavioral pattern? This happens when a way of acting recurs in a situation. This can be a reaction to a person, a thing or even our own mind. Operant conditioning is the cause of this behavior. It is similar to classical conditioning […]

Forgive Yourself Now

Do you often feel that there is too much expected of you? You are probably right, leastwise, at the level of our human existence. Everyone wants, even demands, something from you. Furthermore, you probably expect too much of yourself and are very unforgiving when someone tells you that you are not good enough. However, you […]

Laugh: Everything Is Fine

Most people are familiar with mottoes such as “Laugh and the world laughs with you” or “Laughter is the best medicine”. The mind will tell you a different story and insist that there are worries, problems and fears. However, do not take your thoughts too seriously. More and more people are awakening to this realization. […]

Bridge to Forever

Have you recently walked or driven on a bridge? We use bridges in many of our daily activities and for various reasons. Likewise, this can represent a helpful sign post during the conscious awakening process. A bridge is often a meeting place for people. It is also used as a relaxing sanctuary. Here a person […]

Complete: Completely in Presence

Being is enough. Many people are familiar with this statement. It is easy to understand because it literally implies simplicity. You are you, and this is plausible. Furthermore, everything that could possibly be, is happening through the act of living now. However, what does this actually suggest? You are essentially completely complete. We can whimsically […]

Oblivious and Numb to Life

Words are a method that we use to express what we think, feel and experience. The word oblivious is, therefore, best suited to illustrate our relationship with this moment. We accept numbness to life and love as normal in our existence. I recently had an email correspondence with someone. This person expressed difficulties and questions […]

Conclusion: A Mind Dilemma

It can be useful to pursue a conclusion in many daily activities. The internet dictionary defines this word as “The end or finish of an event or process”. However, the now is an ongoing occurrence. Therefore, it is not possible to finish it. This is obviously otherwise you could not experience being here now. Nevertheless, […]

Intuition vs. Feeling

This is a topic discussion that may seem to twist and turn, whereas we can’t really determine an absolute understanding of the experience. Do you “think” that there is a difference between intuition and feeling? Thinking, in itself, is usually problematic. Therefore do you trust intuition or your feelings? Many people will suggest that there […]