Information: What are you hoping to find?

We often hear people say that everything was different years ago. 10,000 years ago our daily existence was more difficult but straightforward. You are probable familiar with the quote: Eat or be eaten! This was the basis for our activities for many hundred thousand of years. How does information and the transfer of it relate to our existence? More so, how does active awareness to this information and how it is transferred offer a portal to conscious living?

Primitive human beings existed without complex information structures. There were a few basic guidelines that were shared among two individuals or, at the most, a small group of people. There was information being shared but this consisted of rules for survival. However the complexity associated with information transfer started to increase as the mind adjusted and developed.

The ability to simply live and respond to life without the need for information and mind input / output became increasingly difficult. Thoughts appeared and became our primary reference source. Coincidentally the ability to live consciously became secondary. This increased the demand for more input and the mind was constantly searching for new material to satisfy its needs. […]

Language of Life: Are You Listening?

You and I are speaking it, even if we are not aware of it. It is the universal language that manifests in all objects. This could also simply be called life or conscious energy. However let’s look a little deeper into how this vibrating frequency influences us and we it.


This is a language that everyone can hear but therefore we should listen and feel the vibration. Unfortunately we usually don’t regard this tingling sensation as significant as we are stuck in a traffic jam or during most daily activities. This energy is universal and everything everywhere is experiencing it; still we choose to disregard it.

The reasons for our disconnection from it are numerous but mostly invalid. It would be more appropriate to say that we are conditioned not to hear or feel this unspoken language. However we are still mystified by it, we desire it and yet we often fear it. This is perhaps the reason we have created conditioned core structures into our existence such as beliefs and religions. […]

Monism: A River of One

The word monism derives from the German word monismus. It is defined by Wikipedia as:
Monism is the view that attributes oneness or singleness (Greek: μόνος) to a concept (e.g., existence). Various kinds of monism can be distinguished: Priority monism states that all existing things go back to a source that is distinct from them (e.g., in Neoplatonism everything is derived from The One).

The word monism fascinates me and I am not sure that I can express in words why. It is something that I feel is both a mystery and also known by each person. This naturally does not have anything to do with the word itself.

Rather it is what we feel beyond the word we read and exceeds the boundary of the mind when we try to focus on it. This is a phenomenon that you have also surely experienced but often, just like me, are unaware of its true origin. Monism is a definition we use to describe the oneness present in all objects. […]

Total State of Existence

The details of our existence are not as important as the mind always insists. It is your total state of awareness within the now that is to be honored. The details of our human existence are made important by a mind that has conditioned us to ask questions and be curious. However these details have no true merit in our relationship to each other, all objects and life.


Everything within the total state of existence is as it is and as it is, is as it should be.
Let it all be as it is and you will experience all that you are to be.

It is possible to shorten the last two sentences above by stating the obvious in relation to living consciously and conscious enlightenment. This can be done by writing; just be! These two words can perhaps best express what it means to exist. Everything that exists will exist in the now. […]

Anticipation Is Making me Wait

A well known Heinz Ketchup commercial from the 1970s was broadcasted to illustrate human anticipation. The message, in this example, was basically suggesting that you will be rewarded for waiting. The Advertisement shows a person waiting for the slow pouring ketchup because the tasty tomato flavor is worth the wait. However this type of behavior appeared in human beings long before it was portrayed in this TV commercial. It is evident in many aspects of our experiences; even in the search for enlightenment.


I recently reflected on how anticipation affects our behavior and decision making. There are several theories about how this behavior affects us and why we react to it. Anticipation generates unnecessary behavior patterns such as desire and as a defense mechanism. Is it necessary to anticipating or expect a conscious awakening before a person can actually experience enlightenment? The answer must be no because we are already complete and enlightened as a divine being.

To become enlightened indicates that we are anticipation it. This should never become a reaction pattern but instead a response based on feeling the moment that is being observed. Thus it should be possible to go beyond just feeling it and a person will become more aware of the now. To anticipate anything is an attempt to experience an illusionary interpretation of what we desire or want. How do we practice not anticipating something and in the same moment generate energy based on living consciously? […]

Cracker Jack Box: Life is the Prize

Cracker Jack is a copyright name that is probably known throughout the world. This is a snack food comprised of molasses-flavored popcorn with peanuts and caramel. It is very popular with kids due to the secret prize surprise in the box. I recently realized that this marketed snack portraits a conditional behavior that is typical in our search for enlightenment.

Cracker Jack

Cracker Jacks taste really good and this usually causes a person to want more. Additionally the hidden prize inside the box encourages a person to search further and further until he or she finds the surprise. We also usually expect to find something wonderful as a reward for buying the product and searching through the popcorn and peanuts.

Now let’s consider this behavior in regards to how we have been conditioned by the mind. We spend most of our existence searching for spiritual enlightenment without ever realizing that we already have it. This is similar to a Cracker Jack box with the popcorn, peanuts and prize inside.

The box label instantly causes a person to have expectations varying from the desire to eat something sweet to the ultimate goal of finding the secret surprise. Does this sound like something we do everyday in our search for answers to life and salvation? We have expectations. The Cracker Jack box is opened and the search for the prize begins. Usually it is the box label that has invoked a desire to get the snack. This is also true for the object content of our existence in life. […]

Complaint Department: Who is Responsible?

Are you searching for a complaint department to assist you in finding the answers to living? Do human beings need someone or something to complain to when we are frustrated, confused and afraid? This may be true and this type of conditioned behavior may have started after humankind reached a given level of self-consciousness.


Human evolution as a species according to scientific research suggests that the path to present day human beings started around 88 million years ago. Humankind as we know it is said to have started down a separate path away from the Hominini ape tribe around 7 millions years ago. However this article is not a lesson in evolution. Although we may wish to consider when the persistent need for a complaint department began to develop in human beings.

It would be very difficult to write about the development of mind and object consciousness starting from the initial awakening of self-consciousness. Therefore let’s consider our behavior in regards to seeking a complaint department over the last few thousand years. We started to search for a reason for everything. It was very difficult for early human beings to comprehend the slow but steady development in intellect. […]

Existentialism: A Universe of One

Existentialism is a word used to define and explain something that we can commonly call living in the now. Furthermore it is about consciously living in the moment and being responsible for developing this existence through free-will.

There were many philosophers during the 19th and 20th century that shared a mutual understanding of our involvement in co-creating how life unfolds and what it means. These individuals basically suggested that being aware of and actively participating with this moment will result in everything becoming authentic. Wikipedia shares the following information about two of these philosophers.

Søren Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher. He is generally considered to have been the first existentialist philosopher, though he did not use the term existentialism. He proposed that each individual—not society or religion—is solely responsible for giving meaning to life and living it passionately and sincerely, or “authentically”.

Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre (1905 – 1980) was a French philosopher. He wrote:
At first man is nothing. Only afterward will he be something, and he himself will have made what he will be.

Living Consciously: How about You?

It seems almost redundant to reflect and discuss living consciously because this is something that should occur naturally. Life and consciousness is; there is no need for any consideration. However we have lost touch with it and the reason for this may be as simple as the minds interference.


It is not accurate to say that the mind interferes with our access to living consciously. This is a simple matter of unawareness to the moment and life. This is not truly related to the mind because we are not the mind or body. We are the mystery that is part of all things that manifest and beyond. However we allow ourselves to remain unconscious due to the distractions of a seemingly complicated world that we have established.

Consciousness relating to energy and availability is constantly present. The problem is that it has become increasingly difficult to find the frequency to open a portal to this dimension. Living consciously has become a task instead of a natural occurrence. […]

Blossom in the Spring

A flower, bush or tree may seem to have a specific time to blossom but this interpretation is misleading. A plant capable of flourishing will do so regardless of time or season. We see this often in the changing of seasons especially in the spring. Therefore it is not unusual to see plants behavior untypical for a certain season.


A change in temperature and sunshine can prompt trees to bud and flowers to push through the frozen earth months before spring begins. The word change should be emphasized in regards to inducing expansion and growth. They blossom because they can and no reason is needed to explain why this occurs; other than a change occurs.

This is also true for you or me pertaining to conscious living and enlightenment to life. You will blossom when you have consciously awakened and are ready to greet the clarity of conscious living and accept changing how you live. This is in reference to how a plant will change its typical growth patterns and blossom according to a favorable environment. […]

Superstar! Always One

We are conditioned to strive for more and to be a superstar. This is the down-side of an imperialism system that eventually became a democracy in most parts of the world. However the personal and social ramifications where already established during the evolution of early humankind. There has always been a demand to do more, have more and be more as a result of evolutionarily development factors of our species.

This article is not about social systems, politics or even evolution. Although reflecting on our evolution regarding the mind and object consciousness is a helpful spiritual stepping stone. The need to be a superstar is evident in most industrial and heavily populated countries.

This superstar process begins very early for a child and could be considered very similar to Ivan Pavlov’s classical conditioning theory. A child is literally bombarded with hereditary conduct, social guidelines and code of behavior. We are taught that being better than others is necessary and it is expected by parents, peers and society in general.

It would be correct to suggest that being competitive and motivated in relation to daily activities is acceptable. This is part of being human. However consciousness can and usually does pay a terrible price for this type of superstar behavior. We become caught up in a search for anything that will supposedly make us a better person. Unfortunately this demanding need to do more and achieve more overshadows awareness to life and thus suffocates conscious expansion. […]

Blissful Conscious Enlightenment

Many people wish to reach life or spiritual enlightenment. We interpret this as something that will give us peace and happiness. However must you feel good or must everything be blissful before you can experience enlightenment? This is unlikely because a universe of objects is not permanent. There will always be changes occurring that can cause confusion and discomfort on the level of a life-form.


Enlightenment regarding living consciously does not necessarily become obvious only when we are blissful and without worry. The relationship with yourself, this moment, the universe and life contribute to consciously experiencing life or not. You decide and accept enlightenment or not.

Therefore it will be very difficult to know that you are enlightened if you are not willing to feel or experience a situation as a human being and then go beyond these limitations. The mind has conditioned us to react to our experiences but we usually do not accept or respond to them. It has also painted us a picture whereby enlightenment represents a blissful existence. […]

Resolution: Is this a Dead End Street?

More and more people are consciously going beyond a defined space and time concept model commonly know as a continuum. One such example of this conceptually constructed concept is the beginning of a new year. You may have heard, read or even participated in a worldwide tradition called making a new year’s resolution.

When did this act of commitment to do or reach a specific desire or goal begin? A resolution may be a determined mind decision but is it deliberate? (consciously made) Wikipedia shares the following information about making a resolution each year:

“Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. The Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, for whom the month of January is named.”

I have shared this particular paragraph to illustrate how a thought/belief conception has evolved into a mind conditioned misconception. A new year’s resolution was practiced to please and honor the gods earlier in our history. There are still many religious practices used by Christians as well as others that are based on making resolutions. […]

Deliberate Action is a Path to Living Consciously

There are more and more people becoming aware of life and living in the now. Deliberate action is a practical path that offers awareness to the present moment. Our awareness is often manipulated and being conscious suffers because thoughts and emotions dominate our existence.


This is a state of conditioned behavior that has resulted over the course of our evolution. It has become imprinted in the structure of our personal and collective reactions to what we experience. Is this behavior deliberate? Here we should say no because our decisions and reactions are usually not deliberate; they are conditioned.

The internet dictionary offers a clear explanation for the word deliberate. This is an action that is done consciously and intentionally. Furthermore offers additional references to practicing deliberate actions in our daily activities. One such reference states that deliberate is considered an action that is done:

Leisurely and steady in movement or action; slow and even; unhurried moving with a deliberate step.

Within and beyond these words lies a useful tool for us during the process of awakening to conscious living. This method is often termed deliberate practice and offers a constant portal to universal consciousness. How do we become truly deliberate in daily interactions with the mind, people, the world, the universe and life? (Did I forget anyone or anything?) This is best done by simply doing it and being intentional and conscious as the word itself implies. […]