Bench by the Pond

There are many experiences in our existence that offer a portal to conscious enlightenment. The mind often labels our daily activities as good or bad. However, this type of labeling has no meaning in regard to your state of presence. This is true whether you are sitting on a bench or climbing a mountain. The […]

Feel the Tears

I recently meet someone that inspired me to write the poem I have included below. This experience deeply and emotionally stirred me through the love, dedication and also sadness that I consciously felt in this person. Human beings often feel the tears of sadness because of various reasons. There are many people that have so […]

Sign Posts and Story Books

A person, thing or situation can be a helpful sign post when observed consciously. Let’s use an encounter with flower to demonstrate what this means. You have become more aware and are awakening consciously. Furthermore you are responding more and more to the innate universal intelligence that you feel. It is in you and surrounds […]

Embracing Who You Are

Let’s start this article with a simple exercise. The first step is to actually awaken our awareness to the experience of embracing something physically. Do you recall how it feels to hold someone or something in your arms? This interaction involves a transfer of energy. The essence of this energy is always from a field […]