Brainiac: Where are you Now?

The mind is often considered to be a biological machine that is capable of fantastic feats. Many of you may be familiar with a popular D.C. Comics super villain named Brainiac. The word Brainiac derives from two words; brain and maniac. This will be the focus of our discussion.


What causes our brain to often become a maniac? The evil Brainiac from the comics is depicted as an arch enemy of Superman. This scenario is based on the age old struggle between good and bad that has been a part of our existence; probably since the beginning. Thereby the mind demands and absorbs energy from our conscious state of being.

The result can be witnessed in our daily activities in the form of unawareness to life. The mind is busy calculating and projecting thoughts and emotions. This behavior could be compared to Brainiac and his manipulative influence on himself and others. He was obsessed with dominating and ruling because the mind was in control. […]

Hedgehog in my Head

There is a hedgehog in my head. This sentence may seem strange but please let me explain. I was sleeping last year on an autumn night when I heard a noise around the base of my bedroom window.

The noise was a faint scratching and I was confused by its repetition. I focused on the area of the wall from where the sound seemed to originate. Then I checked the window screen to make sure that there where no bats flying against it. My next thought was that a mouse or rat was crawling around within the wall. However this was unlikely.

I then recalled that a hedgehog is known for crawling around attics and sometimes seeks a nesting place within a closed area. The scratching continued and I was not able to sleep. Therefore I made my own comfortable nest on the couch that night. […]

Desiderata: Life is about You

I had an inspiring conversation with several people recently. There was one conversation in particular that developed to a point whereby we discussed the 1927 poem from Max Ehrmann “Desiderata”.


The world according to human beings is basically oriented on materialistic merits and always achieving more and more. This results in, among other things, us always wanting more and more. This may very well be a reason why we feel so separated and alone among ourselves, the world and in the universe. However we are children of the universe and nurtured into existence through life energy which has the capacity to become conscious of itself. […]

Spiritual Being: Don’t forget to be Human

We can not avoid being human, at least not existentially. The spiritual essence that is within all objects is our true nature but we tend to forget this fact. This puts us in a daily no win – no win existence dilemma.


We usually, without realizing it, reject and wish to avoid the part of our being that is human. This is evident in the manner by which we experience our self (thoughts, emotions) and the universe around us on both human and spiritual perspectives.

What is meant by this statement is that it often seems that we do not truly acknowledge what we are in any given moment. The human side of our true manifestation as a spiritual being is therefore tormented by the search for balance and serenity. […]

Spice of Awareness: The Flavor of Life

We usually consider a spice to be something that adds flavor or taste to food. There is, however, another meaning for this word that relates to our considerations into enlightenment. A spice is something that gives zest; such as a zest for life.

Breathing could be regarded as a spice or better said, a gateway to conscious living and universal enlightenment. I would like to share a personal experience with you before I continue. I was cleaning my apartment the other day and had just wiped a mirror.

Thereby I noticed my reflection in the mirror and instantly focused on my mouth, more so the air that was being inhaled and exhaled. I cannot explain how it happened but my complete consciousness was focused on the experience of breathing. I felt the air entering and expanding in my body. This felt for me, for lack of a better word, as if breathing was the spice of life that gave it depth and flavor. […]

NICE: Now is Constantly Everything

We can use the word nice to express the infinity of life consciousness. It is also ideal as a reminder or a mantra during daily activities. We associate nice with good and this is a product of a conditioned mine.


In itself is the use of words a component of our existence and is a necessity for sharing our daily experiences. We can however teach the mind not to expect us to remain a victim of this conditioned behavior and at the same time use a word such as nice for the purpose of expanding our consciousness.

We use verbal communication to express ourselves; therefore it would be beneficial to be consciously aware of the energy that is released through thought and verbal interaction. Why is this beneficial? A word used to express something, such as NICE, is how we share an idea. The use of a word to express something is the best possible attempt to describe, in this case, the release of object conscious energy. […]

Transformation: Do you really change?

This is a word commonly used to describe the shift that occurs as a person awakens to the spiritual aspects of our relationship with life. The term often used for this remodeling of character is called a spiritual transformation.


What happens to the person during this transformation? Does the person actually change or is it rather that his or her understanding of the self changes? The answer may seem obvious and not something that needs to be considered in any detail, or should it?

Most human peoples are occupied with the belief that it is vital to establish the meaning of our existence and basically the meaning of everything. However our existence is primary dominated by two questions: why am I here and what is the meaning of life? How does this help us in our consideration of a person’s transformation to spirit as the basis for our existence?  […]

Feeling or Thinking: What do we Experience?

The words feeling and thinking are familiar to everyone but let’s go beyond what we apparently know. * Feeling originates from the verb to feel and thinking is the process of considering or reasoning. (* Wikipedia and web dictionary)

Humanity should, according to these definitions, consist of everyone experiencing empathy and being actively aware. This is however generally not true of humankind. The level of feeling something is based on personal experiences and development that is partly integrated into our collective reactions.

Thinking is also considered to be an individual process that is influenced, among other things, to some degree by everything that we experience. How does this information help us in our awakening to conscious living or enlightenment? It doesn’t, at least not in a universal sense. […]

MAD: Misunderstanding a Dream

Have you every considered how often you become frustrated or mad about something or someone? This is usually not something that we actually consider because we do not like to experience such situations; much the less ponder on them. The word “mad” is of course, only a word. Let’s however use the word as a portal to what lies beyond this human phenomenon.


Many people suggest that being mad at something is due to various emotional and conditional behaviors. There are three behavior patterns that can be viewed as dominate in igniting anger in a person. These are fear, pain from the past and anxiety about the future; all of which are closely related due to our conditioned reactions.

What does the above paragraph offer in terms of understanding why we get mad? Could it be possible that we never truly get mad because of something or someone? Rather a state of “madness” can occur because we are unaware and actually mad at our own self. This is to say, the human self, personally and collectively, that has been created due to our behavior and conditioned reactions. […]

Guardian Angel: It is your Decision

We are here to show each other the way home. This is the simplest manner by which we can attempt to valid our existence. You are the guardian angel that is here to protect your own person, other people and all objects in the universe. We are all each others guardian angel. This is the fundamental significance to why you exist. You are that important.


Early human beings were able to tap into the universal intelligence just as easily as you or I can do now. This suggests that humankind has always known of this mysterious something and for whatever reason it was given the name, guardian angel.

The understanding of a guardian angel has always been known throughout humanity. This has often been represented and somewhat exploited in religions. Here also the corruption of duality has asserted its dominance over a nature universal phenomenon. This would be the simple flowing oneness of life, of love and of conscious energy, all three not actually individual but one. […]

Proof: Why do we need proof?

We, as human beings, are often very whimsical. This is evident in regards to our mental behavior patterns. The mind insists on searching for proof concerning everything. Curiosity, as a human characteristic, has perhaps escalated our species to a higher level of evolution, but is there a down side to our psychological development?

Thought patterns often resulting from creative intelligence cause us to question everything. The mind demands answers to countless interpretations and questions. This is also true in philosophy and even spirituality. The mind wants us to find proof; proof of our existence, proof of a God, proof of salvation, proof of a soul…on and on it goes. The questions are always the same: Why am I here? Who created me? What is my purpose? What will happen when I die?

It is human nature to consider such topics but in the end there is perhaps nothing truly significant to be asked, other than “Am I consciously aware at this moment?” Naturally there are daily situations and activities that require us to ask “why?” and pursue proof for these questions. […]

Respect: There is Life in Everything

It is often very difficult to look beyond a person or thing when any situation occurs and remain focused on life. This is especially true if the situation is deemed to be bad or clashes with our ideas or beliefs. It then seems impossible to respect the other person, thing or even ourselves in such a moment.


One reason for this could be that our conscious state of living becomes obscured by the object details of the moment and we become lost in these thereby. How would our perspective of everything change if it were possible to stay centered in the field of active awareness? What would happen if we could suddenly show and experience respect for everything around us and even all that is within us, mentally and spiritually speaking? Respect of life is the key that could unlock this sanctuary of inner tranquility. This would also nurture a shift in our awareness to conscious living and could eventually increase the level of object consciousness. […]

Book “One Moment in Life” Free eBook Offer

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There may be some individuals who are interested in the book but have not had the opportunity to purchase it. This giveaway is a wonderful opportunity for you to read the ideas and insights I shared after I felt a large shift in my awareness to conscious living. This was and is a stepping – stone process that I experience each day.


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Truthfully Experience Life Now

Love seems so wonderful when it first appears. Time seems to stand still, other people, things and situations are irrelevant. Why does this happen? Truthfully experiencing love or life involves several things, on of which is how we focus our attention.


We can use love as a practical example to determine if a person is truthfully experiencing it and this applies also to life. Please understand the significance of the word “truthfully” which as been chosen to explain the unfolding of the moment. Synonyms for this word are: openly, accurately, genuinely, sincerely and honorably to name a few.

There is one additional synonym that I wish to use to expand this discussion. This is the word “straightforwardly”. There is spiritual insight within and beyond either of these words, whether we use truthfully or straightforwardly to describe it. […]

Complicated Relationships: Who are we kidding?

It’s complicated! How often have you either used this expression or heard it said? These complications seem to appear in not only relationships but in all aspects of our daily activities. Is existing, the universe and life really that complicated?

You may be inclined to say “yes” but let’s reflect on this topic before we so eagerly agree that everything is unbearably complicated. This type of mind conditioning usually causes us to view the universe as a place of countless complexities.

Is life, love or any detail of our existence really that complicated? There are situations that warrant our attention. This is unavoidable for a life-form living in a universe with other objects. However it is the mind that infests the moment with random thoughts and emotions. It is usually the master that dominates and conscious awareness is the servant that serves. […]