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Congratulations, you have just finished writing your first book. You have done the research. You have a good story line. You feel good about what you have written. Now a big question rises before you like a mountainous wall of rushing water.  Book publishing is easier said then done.

What now?

You have taken you writing inspirations to the next level. You have a completed manuscript. Now the reality of the situation overwhelms you. It is truly a jungle out there. A writer could be defined as a person that feels inspired to express thoughts, creativity, fantasies or imagination with others.

You have accomplished this through your written manuscript. There are many other considerations involved in the process of taking your passion for writing to the next level. You wish to share your manuscript with the world.
You wish to become an established author and be recognized for your accomplishments. Choosing which publishing method you will use is one of the steps needed to reach this next level.

We must first be very realistic. A novice writer has roughly a one to million shot at becoming credited as an author in the eyes of the public. Whether a person that writes any form of literature should call him or herself a writer or a author is debatable. I personally feel very satisfied in the knowledge that I have written two manuscripts. I am a writer.

My fulfillment comes from knowing that I have done what I have always dreamed about doing. I am engulfed in writing. I am fascinated by all contributing aspects of writing. I would not as yet call myself an author. My understanding of an author has nothing to do with public acceptance or materialistic gains. I feel an author is someone who has published a book or similar work of literature. We will continue this discussion in an upcoming blog.

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