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Hello I would like to share a book tip of the day with you.

I had spent a few years seeking guidance after I experienced my initial awakening to conscious awareness. I sought this guidance through books and a few seminars including Reiki. Every individual; that feels that there is something to life other than what the human species has defined, may experience consciously the depth of universal unity on the level of human species consciousness.

What each person does with this awakened state of consciousness is different for every person. Some people let this newly rediscovered life truth remain shrouded in the desires and demands of the human illusion patterns of species existence. Others start to take steps toward returning to a simpler human species co-existence with our true self, which is life. Most people consider this a process, but this understanding is only due to our interpretations of our existence. We may say that there is a species existence shift which occurs once a person has reawakened to the actuality of life.

This is two fold. There is the reawakening to life outside our human interpretations. Then there is simply the acceptance of this, combined with willingness to freefall into this field of forgotten possibilities.

I have included three links below. These are three books that I have read and continue to reread. There is simply factual truth to be found in each of these books. The books are not the truth in themselves. This is something that each of us already have inside of us (we are inside it). These books may however help to rediscover the simplicity of life that we have almost completely forgotten. Eckhart Tolle has said this so well. He stated that such objects or events (books or seminars) can be helpful as “sign posts”. The sign post are not the truth or even really significant. Still these can help you to find the way back to yourself.

I wish everyone fulfilling experiences.

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