Boomerang – Watch out, it always comes back to you!

The boomerang is known for its ability to return to where it was sent from. The energy used to propel the boomerang has a significant role in how often and how forcefully the boomerang will return to its point of origin. We can compare the principals of a boomerangs flight to the fluctuation of conscious energy.


There are indications throughout the history of humankind that suggest an understanding of this natural phenomenon in terms of consciousness or spirituality. The bible offers us at least five different passages about sowing and reaping. Universal energy is an ebb and flow. We could consider this energy to be constant and also always changing. Energy is energy; when considered universally. This is a dimensional flow that is constant. However the object consciousness energy variables within this frequency alter continuously. Simply said:

“Every object has the ability to alter and perhaps completely change the energy ebb and flow within the dimension of universal consciousness.”

This occurs in the same way a boomerang is released and returns to where it started from.

Boomerang Flies and Will Return

Mind and consciousness are hand in hand. We have lost the ability to acknowledge and allow this partnership to flow harmoniously over the last few thousand years; but this is changing. It is significant for us to reestablish a bond with mind and form consciousness. This is possible when we consciously step beyond the patterns that have been established in the mind. This requires a shift in our mental perspectives from mind stimulated responses to conscious aware responses. We constantly release mind and body energy. This generally happens from the level of mind controlled or stimulated reaction patterns. This usually takes place in a state of unawareness or unconsciousness. It is obvious that, just as the boomerang, this mind generated energy will eventually return to its point of origin.

What would happen if the energy that has been released from a life-form is amplified through awakened conscious awareness instead of strictly the thoughts and emotions? This would alter the energies projection (how it is absorbed by universal consciousness), intensity (how it will influence the universal energy field) and the manner by which it would eventually return to its starting point (how this energy will be returned to you from the dimension of oneness).

I have shared an example of life-form energy ebb and flow in the attached Podcast video files. The woman that I have referred to in the Podcast has been unhappy with her workplace for years. However she was not able to release herself from the thoughts and emotions that have manipulated and restricted her conscious awareness. Universal consciousness provides us with gifts that we have co-created. This woman has complained about her work for years. She received the energy back that she had released into the field of conscious energy. This happened in a way that she was not expecting and definitely had not wished.

The experience that she had during a robbery at the store where she works has caused her anxiety attacks and fear. She is not able to return to her workplace due to these health issues. The universe has given her what she had always wanted but not in the way that she had wished. She does not need to worry or complain about her workplace because she can not return to her job. This happens to everyone in different situation. We get what we desire; whether we want it or not. We can practice being more aware of the energy that we are releasing into the flow of universal consciousness. Equally, we can also learn to be more aware of what is actually unfolding in each moment. The next time you feel something is not happening like you had wished, ask yourself exactly what you had wished for. You may be surprised to discover that you have received exactly what you had wanted; just not in the way you had “thought” it would happen.

Watch out! The boomerang will always return to you.  This is also true for life-form mind and conscious energy.


Best wishes to everyone


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