Boundaries of the Mind: Do we need them?

Boundaries have been a part of our existence in one way or another for untold time. There are planetary, geographical, social and personal to name a few. Our daily mental and physical activities are also strongly controlled by boundaries of the mind and body.


However, an important spiritually oriented question to ask is, what have boundaries done to our conscious development? More so, how has the conditioned behavior resulting from these boundaries affected our awareness of universal consciousness? These two questions entail a considerable amount of deep reflection that can best be done when we have adequately released ourselves from such manipulations and restrictions.

The recognition of pure consciousness remains just out of reach because self-inflected boundaries impair our understanding of life conscious energy, universally speaking. We feel the presence of something beyond the limitations of the mind but we cannot break free of the conditioned patterns. This invokes a constant need to search and obtain a key to this universal intelligence, but we usually never realize that a key is not needed because the door is always open.

Personal Boundaries

We are particularly susceptible to one type of conditioned behavior that is often called personal boundaries. This is a term that can be used to describe mental and physical limitations as I had mentioned above. These mind reactions and behavioral patterns are often the result of past experiences, beliefs, and social conditioning. We could say that this is mostly responsible for restricting free access to the dimension of conscious oneness.

Personal boundaries are how we define ourselves as a person. Every person has certain “acquired” concepts and definitions that form boundary edges. It is very difficult to remain aware of unified consciousness. This is because these boundaries insist on conformity dealing with the aspects of our daily activities. These will probably stay intact as long as we remain unconscious to what is beyond the mind’s perimeters. The portal to unlimited consciousness and unity is always open, inviting us to go beyond. This is when we will return home.


Best wishes

P.S. The attached link offers insight into “beliefs” and their influence on our behavior.


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