Box In Your Thoughts: Free Consciousness

I have recently stumbled (consciously speaking) unto a practical exercise that can eliminate excessive mind chatter. It is based on the structure of a box. You may have heard the saying “boxed in” or “Living in a Box”? Well, we can take this to the next level by changing this perspective and applying it to living more consciously.


This can be done by imagining that you are surrounded by a box. However, it is more precisely our thoughts and even emotions that we wish to keep contained within a limited proximity. This does not suggest that this exercise involves you manipulated, restricting or trying to prevent thoughts or emotions from happening.

This would, obviously, be impossible. Therefore it is beneficial to allow thoughts and emotions to simply be. Additionally, the act of “simply being” is a priority for living consciously regardless of the content of any given moment. Therefore, let’s focus on how to practice thinking in a box but experiencing our existence and life outside of the box.

Box In the Mind and Free the Self

What usually happens in situations when the mind dominates the experience? We suddenly have a thought that will snowball into more and more thoughts. Moreover, this often continues for longer periods as random thoughts repeatedly appear. This is when most people will try to distract themselves from the minds activities. Or a person will even try to stop thinking. Either of these methods is not very effective in experiencing a state of presence.

The exercise consists of you refocusing on the size of your imaginary box each time the mind starts to overwhelm you with thoughts. This means, in other words, that you should practice focusing on only the thoughts that are significant to what is happening within close proximity of your being in that moment. Please keep the size of your box small. It will require somewhat patience but you will start to experience a shift in your awareness. This will change from you trying to simultaneously focus on countless mind pattern activities to choosing only a selected few.

The other thoughts will still be there but will gradually fade more and more into the background of your state of presence. Those that are needed for now will always be there as you require them.

Best wishes


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