Brain vs. mind: Who Are You?

Is this a trick question? It is a philosophers dream and reflecting on it can be very beneficial to anyone awakening to a deeper consciousness. How would you respond to this question? Please notice that I asked how you would respond and not how you would react. The brain and mind, comparatively, can react to a situation in an unconscious person. However, the mind has the potential to respond through conscious awareness.


The brain is physical. It is an organ that has been studied and categorized into structures. It is a treasure chest of unknown possibilities. Moreover, this is where mental process of input-output occurs. It provides us with the opportunity to acquire knowledge. Additionally, it expresses this information in thoughts and emotions. Nevertheless, the mind is something different. We can not experience the mind until have accepted the brain as a portal to it. The mind can consciously observe the energy of the brain. Likewise, it can be aware of what is beyond itself.

The Partnership Between Brain and Mind

It is very beneficial for conscious expansion when we acknowledge that, although the brain is the gateway to the mind, the two are not the same. The mind has no substance. Literally no one has been able to give a clear explanation to its origin. Furthermore, there is no actual prove that the mind even exists; although many people have tried. The Buddha, Aristotle and Plato considered this topic and, most likely, many others since then.

However, speaking, debating or assuming anything about the mind will probably not ultimately help anyone in understanding it. Let’s look at the title question from a different perspective. Who or what are you? Do you consider yourself to be the result of the brain activities? Or are you the mind? Do you recall that I often share that going beyond the mind is helpful in realizing the interwoven oneness of our essence? That is why the brain and mind cannot define it

The brain provides tools that offer a key to the mind. Furthermore, the mind is capable of recognizing the brain, itself and the space consciousness that is beyond. However, do any of these three define you? The answer is yes if you see yourself only as a human being that is here in a temporary existence. The answer is no if you have acknowledged that it is you that are there beyond all these things. This is your home, you just as you are now is to be the totality. Here is the sanctuary of life.

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