Brainiac: Where are you Now?

The mind is often considered to be a biological machine that is capable of fantastic feats. Many of you may be familiar with a popular D.C. Comics super villain named Brainiac. The word Brainiac derives from two words; brain and maniac. This will be the focus of our discussion.


What causes our brain to often become a maniac? The evil Brainiac from the comics is depicted as an arch enemy of Superman. This scenario is based on the age old struggle between good and bad that has been a part of our existence; probably since the beginning. Thereby the mind demands and absorbs energy from our conscious state of being.

The result can be witnessed in our daily activities in the form of unawareness to life. The mind is busy calculating and projecting thoughts and emotions. This behavior could be compared to Brainiac and his manipulative influence on himself and others. He was obsessed with dominating and ruling because the mind was in control.

Don’t be a Brainiac

The mind however has not evolved with the explicit goal of controlling our behavior and reactions. Unfortunately this is more or less what has occurred due to a restricted conscious interaction with life. The mind has become very intelligent and equally clever. This life-form intelligence and cleverness are not necessarily products of universal intelligence. This is what we should consider in reflection of the mind and how thoughts influence us.

“That clever one fooled me once shame on them, but if they fool me twice shame on me.”

Here the clever one from this quote would be the mind and shame to the self may result when we don’t become consciously aware of this moment. A mind can be clever without actually applying intelligence in any given experience and visa versa. However, responses to situations that originate within the field of universal intelligence generate a harmonious frequency that can be felt by all objects. Then way does the brain behave similar to Brainiac; always calculating and dominating?

The answer is obvious, is it not? The mind does this simply because we allow it. It often appeals as if we actually prefer having the mind tangle us in abstractions and distraction. Furthermore the tendency to divert away from conscious living is often also a by-product of the minds behavior. It tells us that we should not allow or accept any given moment to just be as it is.

Where you are now is a question that should be asked often. Are you here now and experiencing the unfolding of this instance? Or are you unconsciously following the activities of the Brainiac that is lost in its own obsession to calculate and dominate?

Best wishes

P.S. This link is an article that considers the mind and the control game it plays.
Psychology Today

I have also added this link just for fun. It is an oldie music hit from the 70s that offers a portal to life and love beyond the mind.
Gordon Lightfoot – If You Could Read My Mind



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