Bridge to Forever

Have you recently walked or driven on a bridge? We use bridges in many of our daily activities and for various reasons. Likewise, this can represent a helpful sign post during the conscious awakening process.


A bridge is often a meeting place for people. It is also used as a relaxing sanctuary. Here a person will gaze into the water below or view the surrounding landscape. We can use the symbolism of a bridge to illustrate how to reawaken to presence and thus enter the dimension of space consciousness.

This bridge is the union point between the unmanifested field of life energy and our return to it. We have actually never left this realm but our self-conscious human form has become disoriented during evolution. A baby is conceived. It is in this spark of conception that a human being is closes to its divine presence; in terms of a life-form.

The Bridge to Eternity

This is when the journey begins as a person. However, we mentally move further and further away from this divine field of unmanifested possibilities. This can also be called running to the next moment and overlooking the vastness of presence. Therefore, now is the only true state of being that offers an opportunity to experience the oneness of life. In other words, now is the only chance you have to existence and you choose how this will be experience.

We are also closest to our divine essence in the moment of our physical passing. This is when we let go of all labels, meanings and restrictions. However, a state of pure presence is beyond the mental and physical of this universe. You have been told and taught about the journey on this bridge. It has been given many names during the course of our species existence. Science and religions have attempted to explain its structure. Is the bridge to forever real that you are now crossing or is it just a mind illusion?

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