Bubbles Bubbles Toil and Troubles

The passage from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” “Double Double Toil and Trouble” is well known in western culture; probably worldwide. I would like to make a slight alteration to this passage. Bubbles Bubbles Toil and Troubles suggests the predicament that humankind has been experiencing for millenniums.


The witches from “Macbeth” used a cauldron to cook a charm that was actually a poison potion. The ingredients were added and the mixture boiled. There were bubbles floating from the cauldron. These bubbles floated around the witches as they added more ingredients. This is a wonderful masterpiece from William Shakespeare that is based partially on fantasy. What does this story reflect about human beings, consciousness or oneness?

There are literature and history experts that suggest the potions ingredients symbolized the darkened soul of the witches and the soul of Macbeth that was rapidly shifting from light to dark. The witches poison potion may have represented the evil in humankind that we assume is always there wanting to be released.

The bubbles floating from any poison also contain the essence of that poison.

We exist in a world that teaches us to function in a bubble. We learn to exists in this bubble; we even are conditioned to feel comfortable in it. Anything outside each persons bubble is considered to be poison. Human beings have been conditioned to exist in bubbles. We believe that anything outside the bubble is poison. This imaginary existence bubble is the true poison. The natural evolutionary processes of the body such as “thinking” and “feeling” cannot readily flow because of the delusions caused by the equally delusional bubbles. The normal functions of the human species attempt to flow but are usually met with mental detours and barricades. These restricts of the mind have been induced into the human existence partly by the mental congestion inflected on the mind by the illusions of bubbles.

Most people are unknowingly trapped in a bubble. Have you every observed many bubbles? They have a tendency to be pulled together when two or more are in proximity to one another. This behavior describes the actions of a single persons mental behavior as well as the automated thinking patterns of a collective species.

Human-made illusion Bubbles can cause toil and trouble because they have a tendency to spread an object content existence poison into the natural flow of life conscious energy. This does not necessarily alter or actually poison universal consciousness energy. It does however give the appears of disrupting the flow. This keeps us in a bubble. Perhaps now is the time to look beyond this bubble and release the self from the restrains of these bubbles.

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