Bucket of Life Overflowing

I recently became very aware of the water bucket I use for cleaning purposes. It actually felt as if I was the pail during this awareness to conscious unification. This has surely also happened to you. Most likely during a moment as you became very conscious of what is beyond the details of mind and body. It is beneficial for practicing conscious living to realize that this feeling of unity and tranquility is not something that you did or made.


Rather it is a simple realization and recognition of something that has a different vibrating frequency than thoughts, emotions or ego. I have used this same bucket over the last 25 years. I realized, through this small container, that simplicity is helpful in experiencing a conscious state of existence but not necessary.

Now please observe something in you immediate surroundings, preferably something in nature such as a stone or tree. The water bucket had awakened my awareness to the fact that things never truly change and yet they do. I will attempt to explain this more clearly. A rock, tree or this pail appear to have different spans of tangibility and seem to change in form or content for this reason.

Bucket of Awareness

However in reference to universal energy and conscious awareness we can not truly benefit from the object itself regardless how long it may seem solid and exist. We may have a practical use for something but this is relative for living consciously. I experience, for example, a unique communion with a bucket and this occurs daily with people, animals, plants and objects.

This is also what you have experienced on occasion. Therefore awareness is a stepping stone that offers a clearer understanding of a merger with the self that is in all objects. Similarly there is a deeper understanding of the object itself. However a deeper spiritual union with any object allows detachment from it.

How can this be helpful to you? It gives a person the opportunity in any given moment to be truly conscious. The details and structures of any person, plant, animal or object will be insignificant to the clarity you experience through the active union with what is beyond the superficial appearances. In other words you will know what is actually happening when you encounter a person or thing. This is because your awareness will be attuned to a frequency that is not influenced by mind or body.

Best wishes


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